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Typical virtual school that has no interaction between student and student and teacher. No club and activities are provided because no one will like to join a club or sport in this school. You have find an organization or club by yourself outside the school. Academic for this school is insane that you dont even have to study, all of the work is online and you can basically find answers on the google. No learning experience at all, all of the work except science classes are really easy.
The Philadelphia Virtual Academy saved my educational career. I would recommend this school to the students on the unbeaten path. The small in person staff at PVA offers a close knit community who want to help you graduate.
My experience here at the Sd of Philadelphia Virtual Academy has been amazing. I have the ability to work at my pace and even take part in different opportunities within the school. I am also able to pursue my career of becoming a cyber security and networking analyst.
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There are really no flaws. You can course your extra classes and they make sure you get you core courses.
Since online they don't really offer extracurricular activities.
Its a very motivational school.
The teachers are available at any time and help when it is needed.
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