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Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School Reviews

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It’s an okay school. Great teachers but biased administration. iPads are nice but paper is sometimes preferred. Lunch wasn’t bad. Kids aren’t the worst.
PPACS is an overall great school and beautiful designs but I believe students are not heard. We, as students, are oftened walked on by teachers and administractions and when we try to speak out and release ideas to improve the school, its often not ever talked about. I believe students should be heard more.
I love this school, it helps you a lot with getting ready for the real world and prepares you for college the best way they can!
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I like my school and the faculty. I would like for them to challenge us more and treat us like upcoming college students. I would also like to see more teachers of color at the school, as they are predominantly white. Students have to be listened to more however, it is our high school experience.
I would like to see the staff care about the students more rather than them pushing them off to the side. Most of the faculty in the school is rude and can be sometimes racist. The school is not a friendly place so I would advise people not to send their child to Philadelphia Performing arts: Vine street campus.
Hello, my name is Saniya Barber and I am a rising senior at the Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School. I have been attending my school for four years now and there are many things I like about my school, however there are also so things that need to be changed. My experience at the Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School has been fairly okay with the help of some of my teachers and staff; my school is very college bound when it comes to academics. However, some changes that need to be made in my school is the lack of information parents are given involving school related matters and upcoming events. With that said, the Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School is an average school in the Philadelphia area.
My experience at Philadelphia performing arts was amazing. I’ve been there for four years and I loved it. I love how there is a major system and academics are great. I wouldn’t change anything about Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School.
Philadelphia Creative And Performing Arts is a wonderful school! All students are accepted for who they are. It is a safe environment and students are always encouraged to do there best.
HS SPECIFIC: Philadelphia Performing Arts CS gets students involved in many outside programs. Though, when it comes to inner school operations, there is/has been/and dare I say always will be a HIGH lack of communication between administration/teachers and forwarding necessary information to students and families. In addition, many high schoolers complain the school does not "hear them out" but I think the same can be said for teachers. Most are very well rounded in their areas and their passions, but admin oversees that and would rather find a "perfect-image teacher" for classes instead of genuine teachers who care about the matters being taught. This school is great in a plethora of ways but equally has enough to improve on as well. I say give it a couple years (as this high school has only been open 5, going on 6 years) and has plenty more time to make up for their issues.
Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School is a bit different from other schools due to the fact that books, worksheets, etc. are replaced by iPads and technology. Of course, technology has its pros and cons. Some of the pros are that students are able to combine academics and creativity with technology, creating a product that unites teaching methods of the past to the advancement of the future. For example, instead of writing an essay, students are able to produce an entire video using their skills in editing, filming, writing, and creativity! However, students tend to depend on technology too much. Anything could be found within a Google search which hinders students to try to figure out things themselves.
Loved the opportunities offered to me. From science to music, students have a choice to choose their major on interested. It was a great way for me to explore new things such as playing the violin, to then start pursuing a career in Medicine.
I love Philadelphia performing arts charter school with the best teachers who help you learn. And the iPad we get to resource limitless information. And the majors we pick to explore for four years. The four years where incredible and I learned a lot. Some things I would change like less fire drills and overprotective teachers and security guards. But these rules and these people are helping me and keeping me safe. I love every little of Philadelphia performing arts Charter school and if I had a choice to go back to the first year and my parents told me that I can go to some other diffrent school I want I would not change my answer this school is perfect.
I would like to see many changes about the school. It's still fairly new school so I'll give them that but overall the school needs to mange their priorities and communication skills.
It’s a new school and doesn’t really have all of the things it could potentially have. It needs more time and help adapting to today’s education and society.
My experience at this school was very good. I am the most shy person you will ever see but I believe that Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School has changed me. I feel that I have opened up to more people. The teachers are always there if you need to talk. The food is okay it is not the best thing ever but it is what you get.
I love that we have majors. I was able to figure out what I want to study in college and plan a career through my STEM major. I also like that we have our own iPads and use technology for everything. It prepares me for the modern world and technological advances in a competitive workplace. The only thing I would change about my school is the location, because it slightly far from my home. However, the positive aspects of my school outweigh the process of commuting.
My major is Creative Writing which I feel will prepare me for college and allow me to apply for jobs related to any genre of writing. At school my major requires me to take fiction, nonfiction, journalism, playwriting, memoir, analytical reading and writing, poetry, and screenwriting throughout my four years of high school. I'd say the people here are well-rounded and creative.
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My experience at my school has been amazing. For those who have a passion for the arts and sciences, then you will enjoy yourself. The only thing I would like to see change is the school schedule and very limited AP classes.
Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School is very good school. I have attend this school since the second grade. This school challenges and makes you hard.
I love that PPACS have a caring staff about the success of the school, the administration have invested a high level of concern and care! I think there needs to be more balance a traditional education and reliance on technology based resources!
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