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I love the one on one style of teaching. The teachers are attentive and care about how you are doing in school and in your personal life. The school is very small and there aren’t many people. I wish that there were more opportunities for unique programs like a videography class.
I went here from 6-8 and had a very good experience in 6th and 7th grade, but 8th grade not so much. Even still, I loved my teachers and made great friends who I’m still close with. I’m very thankful for the positive environment I was in for Middle School!
I have attended Philmont since kindergarten. As a senior, I have concluded that I could have had a lot more potential elsewhere. Although my elementary years were fun and academically strong, my high school experience differed. Being a very small community, I was able to be involved in many activities. However, the compact size of the school created an environment with little privacy. Many of my peers fell into the claws of false rumors and gossip. Even though this aspect of school life was difficult to witness, I learned the right way to treat people.
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I completed four years of high school here. I had a pleasant experience and teachers were very excessiable.
If your a parent who is looking for quality in every area of the Christian Prep
school experience then you have chosen the right school. This school
doesn't just prepare you for college , it prepares you for life! The Biblical
principles along with the education and diverse student body has your child ready to embrace your child's future as they will know how to embrace society's
changes as well take their stance.
Phil-Mont has great teachers who are committed to the success of their students. The school’s staff and faculty are credentialed professionals with years of experience. Several of the teachers have been there for over thirty years! The Phil-Mont community is supportive, the environment is safe, and the academics are strong. After Phil-Mont, I went on to complete three postsecondary degrees (a bachelor’s degree, and two masters degrees), and I feel that Phil-Mont prepared me well for that path. I thrived academically, emotionally, and spiritually in college because of the solid spiritual and academic foundation I received at Phil-Mont. I wouldn’t hesitate to send my kids to this school. Like many private preparatory schools, Phil-Mont is a significant financial investment. At Phil-Mont, however, you get what you pay for. I, for one, cannot imagine a better way to use my resources than to invest them in my child’s spiritual and academic growth and maturity.
This is a highly academic school. Majority of the kids going to college. Some have gone on to Ivy League schools.
Philmont Christian Academy has a strong supports in arts program.
I love the school because of the Christian worldview and strong quality of teaching. We are one big family and are very good at Assimilating new families into the school. Teachers are exceptional both teaching and relationships with students and parents.
Teachers at the school are committed to teaching our children in a loving environment. They are very qualified and up-to-date on the latest technology.
Love school extra curricular activities
I love my kids teacher!
I am not fully aware or all of the clubs and organizations, but the ones my children have joined have provided wonderful experiences. The sports program has high participation among the students, and the coaches do a great job of teaching the sport, teaching applicable life lessons, and genuinely caring for the students. The drama program is exceptional. The quality of the performances in comparison to the small size of the student body is amazing. And behind the scenes at the rehearsals, the students gain skills in expressing themselves, their appreciation of music and drama is informed and increased, and they connect socially with the other members of the shows across the grades.
The teachers here are exceptional. They offer several times to give extra help. At least one teacher even offers every Saturday as an extra help day. The teachers are well-educated and very capable of teaching their particular subjects. Because of the nature of the private school, the teachers see their jobs as their privilege and responsibility rather then just an opportunity to collect a paycheck. I am very thankful for the teachers at Phil-Mont.
Teachers, for the most part, are seeking to look deeper into the subjects they teach. Our kids are not just learning Math, Science, English and History...they are seeing it from a Christian perspective, the lens of Scripture and in union with Christ. I love that my kids are challenged to not only behave as Christians, but also to reason like one.
Being a small school with limited funding, the school offers a few opportunities in extracurriculars. I would say that athletics and school clubs are it's strength. Soccer and basketball are it's best sports, with really good coaches.
Teachers are very knowledgeable in their fields and teach in a way that helps the students understand what they are learning. They are excellent at engagement and challenging students to the deeper things of life.
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We love Phil-Mont Christian Academy for the way in which the faculty teach, engage and challenge our children regarding their understanding of God, themselves and the world around them. Teachers at Phil-Mont are devoted to teaching K-12 from the perspective of a Christian world-and-life view and to think God's thoughts after him. It's impossible to find this kind of Christian education anywhere else in the Delaware Valley. It's not merely Christians educating my child, it's actually a Christian education. Refreshing.
Ditto to the answer I listed previously on this topic...
For elementary school... the workload is reasonable, the curriculm is on track with public schools, kids are challenged to grow in their knowledge and to be challenged. Children are given the opportunity to use a learning style that works for them in some cases. Small classes provide more opportunity for one-on-one attention.
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