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Philadelphia Military Academy at Elverson Reviews

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Hey I’m on the go to the gym I’m on the road I’m talking about you I love to talk about you I was so happy you had my life you had my mom you I had a good time and I had a good night
My experience at Philadelphia Military Academy honestly isn't the best. I try to make the best out of it. I stay focus on my classwork, but I feel limited. Their isn't a lot of extracurricular activities. On my own I found them else where. I attend a college prep program, Temple Upward Bound. This organization helps me with homework, provide scholarship opportunities, and has activities. Philadelphia Military Academy culture is beneficial. The JROTC curriculum teaches me discipline, honor, respect, and duty. I have respect for my school, it'll always be in my heart.
If I had the power to change my school, I would add more sports and clubs. Clubs: journalism, robotics, debate, and chess. Sports: football, wrestling, soccer, and volleyball. I would increase resources. More scholarship opportunities for seniors. More field trips, and community involvement. Make the high school experience more interesting.
My school is average. I love that the students run the school though. I will say teachers push you to excell and it's has been the best school I've been to.
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The school is a melting pot of culture. There are many different people and opportunities to mix with them. The drill team is one of my favorite experiences because it captivates leadership qualities with the opportunity for someone to lead others. It is the best way in the school to become advanced in that area and further propel yourself forward for future leadership positions. I would choose this school again because it taught me the importance of teamwork and unity. Working by yourself may work in some situations but in life, you need others to support and help you along the way to complete the mission.
The teachers are your in-school parents. They care about you, how your school life is going and also how you are doing outside of school.
Philadelphia Military Academy is an okay school. I've had some good experiences though there are some flaws. The main flaw is the admission. The school always seem to accept people regardless of their behavioral problem and even grades. It is really negatively impacting the school. Some students would misrepresent the school by misbehaving on the way to school and vice versa. It seems as though students of Philadelphia Military Academy doesn't care much about the school and it's reputation. But back to the good experiences I've had. I've experience things that made me realize who I am more and what I can actually do. They includes: making it in the drill team and raider team, being a part of the drum line, attending J.R.O.T.C. Cadet Leadership Challenge, and much more. Joining the drill team and raider team helped me by allowing myself to be more confident in myself and to have better self esteem. Drum line helped me to developed my performance skills and also increased my confident. J.R.O.T.C. Cadet Leadership Challenge also helped me by giving me the leadership skills I need. I learned to lead from the front. It also taught me to face my fears and overcome. It helped me to realize my passion for overcoming challenges.
The instructors can be unreasonable sometimes. For example, one time I forgot my tie at home. My military instructor told me to go buy one from the office. I explained to him that I forgot it at home buy he refused to rethink his decision. I ended up spending the entire day in the office because I didn't buy amother tie. On a positive note, I do applaud the school for rarely having fights.
What makes this school unique is the JROTC criteria.
This school gives a ROTC like structure and also helps joining the Military
We have teachers who care about whether or not we understand. If any additional help is needed after school then they will provide it
Everybody pretty much knows everybody and are friends with each other.
Overall the school is well put together. There is little to no bullying, the dress code is a strict military uniform, and we have a high attendance rate.
We only have 3 teams and all other sports have to be done at other high schools because of the size of our school.
I food has gotten extremely better ever since last year. This year we have a fully operational kitchen.
We currently only have two extracurricular activity at our school. One of the two activities was created as of recently.
The food is horrible! Space lunches aren't good at all.
The most popular extra-curricular activity at this school is drill team.
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The teachers are great, although there are a few that students have a problem with. Tutoring is always available on certain days after school if students need help.
The nurse is only there twice a week. The school officers monitor the lunch times. Overall, there isn't many fights that occurs in the school. The principal does not tolerate that kind of behavior.
About 50% of the student body participate in school functions. The only time peer pressure occurs if if the student hangs with the wrong crowd.
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