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In my beginning years at Philadelphia, everyone was excited to be at the school. I looked forward to going to high school and become one of the athletes that I looked up too. The school's atmosphere was the number one thing students loved about the school. The teachers were caring for the students. As the years progressed, the teacher's attitudes changed which affected the students. Our school went from an A school to a B school. A new principal stepped forward and changed certain traditions at our school. The enthusiasm at Philadelphia lowered tremendously. If we had better educators that were enthusiastic about their students and teaching it will be a better school. I would bring back the old traditions that made Philadelphia as great as it was. Overall I love my school and they have prepared me.
I liked the overall atmosphere at Philadelphia High School. I always felt safe there. There are, however, problems with the education. Most teachers would not teach or just did not care about the students education. The good teachers would eventually leave the school.
The school had some very good teachers, some not so good teachers. The language, history and mathematics departments were pretty strong. The english, and sciences department could be better.
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There is only one nurse for the Philadelphia school district and the are always at the elementary, which is across town.
You can get on any team you want.
Most of the teachers are coaches, because sports are all this school cares about. They all show favoritism. So if your not an athlete your nothing at Philly High.
There is something for everyone.
The school has no consistent system and changes regularly.
The teachers care vey much for our well beings.
Overall this school if fun to me. We experiance many different things here.
We usually have the same things every two weeks. Some food is good, some not so good!
I don't agree on Uniforms and being so strict on those but other things are fine.
The sports are a big part of our school! Every one love supporting each team. It's like everyone is a big family!
Our extracurriculars are the best by far! No one is discriminated by any means, by far great!
Honestly, I believe despite the hard work our teachers put into teaching, our school has a lot of room for improvement. This school is a inner city school and there is a focus put on making sure the students just graduate and the students like myself who require more of a challenge do not have a variety of different classes to choose from. We are only offered one foreign language. We do offer a few college courses, but I believe there is more that could be offered to our students.
Like most lunch rooms, there is definitely room for improvement. There are some meals I enjoy, but there are several meals that I just cannot eat.
Our school is located in a small town. Most of our extracurricular activities involve sports. Philadelphia has added more sports in the last two years like archery and bowling to allow more students to be able to participate. We also have show choir, art, and clubs such as Beta, Future Business Leaders of America and Mu Alpha Theta.
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Most of the teachers at Philadelphia strive to do their best to make sure we learn and are ready for college. I have been fortunate to have these teachers. As in life, teachers should strive to always better themselves to help their students.
Philadelphia strives to include as many students in activities. In the past two years my school has added new extra curricular activities such as bowling, archery, and show choir. I believe this has helped student morale, by allowing more than a handful of students to be involved in activities that they can be proud in.
There are a few teachers that I cannot talk to comfortable. I have teachers that I highly respect and glad I could take them more than one year. The administrators work very hard for the students to tend to the students' needs and wants.
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