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Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter High School Reviews

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I love that since Im a senior we get allot of attention with the college process and also the SAT process.I love that we have metal detectors now because I feel like safety is really important in my school especially because we are in the heart of the city and there is allot of traffic so it would be hard to get to a hospital easily. I also love the programs that my school offer since Im a senior. I have Co-op/Senior project and also I have a boat building class,where i actually build a boat which is cool. My school is a very excellent school if you really want something going for yourself after high school.
I like that teachers and the staff members. they make sure our safety is 100% and that every student is on track with the learning curriculum . They have plenty off opportunity jobs for seniors. To pursue your career. Also they have alot of after school activities to help with homework and also just to do for a passion and get fit.
My overall experience attending Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter High School I would consider good so far. Attending P.E.T being my first year as a senior taught me character.
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The only thing i would like to see change is that there is less stairs , more working elevators , and better food. Everything else is good , the teacher try to explain the lesson as well as they can . But it the students are more of the problem. The teacher and staff enforce the school rules the best they can. And they do . There are less student causing trouble. It just the hard headed one that need more discipline.
I’ve been here since 9th grade and i really came a long way. They taught me how to be more mature and learning to become an adult.
I loved the friends and interesting teachers i got to knew. I will say everyone works hard ! I would like their to be more school activities . More school spirit
Ever since attending Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter High School, it has been nothing but encouraging and beneficial. The school offer enjoyable extracurricular activities, Honors/AP Courses, SAT/College Prep, Senior Privileges, Co-Op/Dual Enrollment programs, and is located right in center city! What could use some improvement is the actual building of the school and create sport teams.
My experience was pretty average for the most part. Teachers at PE&T are just like any other teachers at any other high school. You have some good some bad. One thing I really wish about this school was that it had a lot more activities for after school and provided more variety of clubs and extra curricular activities. But all in all a pretty decent charter school.
The school isn't a bad place, it just seems like a few important things have been changed due to budget cuts. I've attended all four years of high school here, and I've noticed that the teachers and staff really care about the welfare of their students.
In my time in Philadelphia Electrical and Technology Charter School, it was not what I had in mind in terms of the school building and there are classmates that are troublemakers. The good things about them are the teachers I talk to, and times when the schedules could change that allow students to leave early or don't have school the next day. I felt that, for improvements, there should be another school building for the charter school to be in, additional resources that are updated for the classes, and additional school programs and clubs for the students.
The school is very safe, the take tons of steps to make everyone feel safe
Extracurricular activities are fun, however I wish they had more of them.
I would pick this school over again, because it prepared me for the real world. That school worked with me through all my problems. What makes this school so unique, would be the fact that they do not judge you on your academic skills and they work with you .
Pe&t is a great school. The staff there goes above and beyond to help you pass and succeed in life. With-out the help of the staff I do not think I would have graduated top of my class.
No one can get upstairs to this school without an appointment. Our school starts on the second floor once you come in you must have id and any visitors must sign in and will only be allowed up if they have an appointment. Security is great at this school.
The after school activities are great and fun
Our teachers at P E & T were AWESOME
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its a lot of resources to get your work done
This school helped me to understand what I really have to get and stay with to get to the next level
The staff loves working with each and every student. The atmosphere is fun and amazing to be in.
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