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I enjoy some of the teachers here at PACHS. I wish they would have more sciences and more electives.
The grade school and high school operate on completely different levels. The grade school is fantastic for all students, while the high school has many different issues that need to be taken care of immediately. The high school only offers 4 AP courses and doesn't really differentiate between regular and honors as much as they should. They prepare even their best and brightest to go into a community or low ranking college, at best. They have six sports and refuse to add any more. You are also bullied very often for having any amount of intellect or academic interest and teachers don't pay attention to that in any way, shape or form. I have met some good teachers at the high school, but most just don't care. In my opinion, adding a high school was a big swing and a miss, in my opinion. They should have just kept it to a grade school. If you have any interest in going to an ivy league school or being a very academic person, this is not the school for you.
Great school with a lot of options for classes to take. You always have access to the computer which makes getting your work done more easily. The sports are fun and great for the leagues they play in. There is school spirit if you and your friends have it.
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ok, Academically the school leaves alot of it to the student, but not enough work was assigned to prepare you for college in my opinion. All staff members are caring and put in effort for all students even in their own time. It is a small school so its hard for many activities to start but they still have dodge ball tournaments and other fun games throughout the year to keep students interested. One thing i would change would be to increase the amount of homework and papers students must complete.
My experience as a senior is great. I have great teacher support and enjoy the interaction with every class lesson. I believe that senior year is key for college readiness and also having that teacher student bond, being able to approach your teacher for any small or big question that you may have. I believe that every student should create a bond that is comfortable to their own with their teacher to make it a prosperous one . I believe that I am ready to face the new challenge and challenges that are to come. Work hard and Never give up!
Philadelphia Academy Charter School was a very great school that has helped me prepare for life and my college career. Despite being such a small school it excelled in the programs that were offered. Even if a sport was not offered at the school you could play that sport at a high school that was around the corner from ours. Overall despite the size of the school I felt that I valued everything it had to offer.
I liked the honors and AP classes, along with the different clubs. Yet, I would like to see improvement in the staff and moral of students. When teachers show interest in one's learning, children are more excited to learn also. Going to that school became more of a chore and less of an excitement to better my education. I also believe sex ed should be taught freshman year instead of an elective one can choose or not choose senior year. By senior year a few students had already become pregnant and some even dropped out. I think the school should be taking better initiative on these issues instead of lectures and detentions which ultimately don't change bad behavior.
Great school! They are really focused on academics. They take the time and effort to instill hardworking study habits into their students. They discipline based on severity and no one gets privileges. They try and bring out school spirit in many ways from having spirit days to simple rallies. They do their absolute best at Philadelphia academy charter to make it a fun learning environment.
I isn't a very big school, so there is a lot of 1-on-1 help with teachers. The teachers care about their students and want to make sure we become successful.
Philadelphia Academy Charter Highschool is like a school no other. I have been going to this school since kindergarten and every year it's a new and exciting adventure. The teacher are very welcoming and you become very close with them like I did. They have many clubs which helped me meet new people. Some clubs they have to offer is Community service, Model UN, Ecology club, music club and many more. They also have sports to play if your not into the club thing. Some sports we have is softball, baseball, basketball and golf. The only thing I would change is if the school broaden the sports department.
When I first came into this predominantly white schoool , I thought I would feel extremely uncomfortable, because there wasn't a lot of African American students. I came from a very diverse public middle school.After freshman year I grew a little more comfortable with my environment, and it didn't affect my education. One good thing about this school , is the fact that it's a charter school so it's smaller with the maximum of 400 students attending this school. I grew to like the fact that the school was small, because teachers get to interact with students more. One thing I think this school should change is giving for academic options for students to choose from.
There are many memorable nice things about my school. The first thing is, because of its small size our school is a very close knit community. All of the teachers are familiar with the students and vice versa. We have very hardworking teachers that work hard to raise school spirit and create events to keep us on our feet, even with limited supplies and power. We are all like a big family and treat each other with respect. If I could change anything it would be the available after school activities. My school is very limited in sports and other extra curricular clubs.
Philadelphia Academy Charter School has been a huge part of my life. I have been going there since kindergarten and now currently a senior at the high school. They have made me grow as a person based on the phenomenal staff who put there heart and soul into teaching the students. The staff show they care about our education and are always there when we need them. This is a place to have a great high school experience.
I have been attending the Philadelphia Academy Charter School since I was in kindergarten. Overall, the education was average and there were little to no clubs to join. The teachers and deans do not get involved with the students to stop issues like bullying or anything that could potentially make your child uncomfortable in a classroom. Moreover, I would advise you to not send your child here.
I always took the most challenging classes that were presented to me. I took every AP class that was available at Philadelphia Academy Charter. The only problem with that was that there were only 4 AP classes that were possible to take. When it came to electives, I always wanted to take the academic related electives to be able to better myself for college, although there were a few classes that I did take that were not as academic, but it helped me be a more full rounded student. Such as my Peer Mediation class, a class that helped you becoming a peer mediator and learn different and better ways to help solve problems in your daily life, or help a dispute between two other people, which lead me to be a peer mentor my senior year to the new freshman so that they had a recognizable face when they started their new journey to high school.
I feel like most clubs didn't always get the same recognition as other, especially compared to the sports teams. But those involved in the clubs and most others did have a very strong commitment for the clubs. Such as the drama department, everyone in the drama department always seemed to feel very strongly about what they were doing and you could tell they loved what they were doing.
I loved going to Philadelphia Academy. It was a small environment, but it almost felt like a second home. Everyone knew one another and you could always feel safe walking down the halls. The only thing that I wish could have been different about the school is more school spirit. Since our school was so small, we did not have the ability to have a football team so we didn't have the typical Friday night football games like most high schools. Most people didn't look at our school with any type of school spirit honestly, but being the captain of the cheerleading team since my sophomore year, I tried my best to try and bring school spirit to the hall of Philadelphia Academy.
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The teachers at Philadelphia Academy Charter were always very helpful. They looked out for their students and always tried their hardest to keep the students studious by making their teaching styles the best that they could. Some people believe that the school is not as good as it should be and that the teachers might not care, but I believe that if the student doesn't care about their education, then they won't care if the teacher does, even if the teacher does. I have never seen a teacher at Philadelphia Academy Charter not care about a student, from my experience most teachers there were like a second family.
The teachers and administration are very concerned about the health and safety of the students. Threats are not taken lightly and everyone is required to report anything that may affect anyone. I feel safe knowing that everything is followed up on
My favorite club is the art club, there are lots of people involved and there is great support. I have been able to create many art projects and feel great knowing that my art work will be part of the school after I leave. My favorite night is art gallery night where the school is open for many people to come to the school and see all the art projects that students do. This includes paintings, photography, music and the culinary arts. Everyone is involved.
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