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Phil Campbell High School is a great place to be. It's located in a small community where parents, teachers, and students are all involved in the education. The teachers genuinely care about the students and their success. They offer many different clubs and extra-curricular activities to keep students involved. The facilities are newly build and provide students with the safe and comfortable atmosphere needed to be successful.
I liked how small it was, but the cliquey attitude and focus on students from "predominant" community families is a little ridiculous.
I am a senior at Phil Campbell High School. I have attended PCHS my whole school career. This school has allowed me to grow as a person, as well as academically. My teachers push me to be my best. They support us and help us in any ways possible. I feel I am college ready by the challenges the teachers have given us. We have to earn everything we have. Phil Campbell High School has changed my life for the better. One change PCHS could have to make it better is to provide better internet for school related needs. The county has provided free wifi which is great, but it is so slow it is hard to accomplish work. Overall, Phil Campbell High School has been outstanding and I am very thankful for the opportunities. I am proud to be a Bobcat.
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Phil Campbell is the same as just about every other school; I'm speaking as a transfer and a Senior of the school. I might not have been there all that long, but I am glad that I transferred. I was picked on a lot at my old school and I really wanted a change. Was I happy in the beginning? No, not in the least; but after a while not only did the school grow on me, but the students and faculty did too. I am proud to be a Senior at PCHS. I wouldn't have it any other way.
PCHS is the worst school i have ever seen in operation! The teachers are not considerate for the best interest of students. Favoritism is a huge factor in class favorites, sports acceptance, or being in any group. the same students are in everything and will not tolerate someone not in their "group" to join, or if they do, will make them miserable. All of this is backed by the coaches and most of teachers. It is a horrible school. Mind you, I graduated from there in 2006, my brother is a current student and says it is the same way still.
Some teachers here actually care about their student's education and success, others are just riding the payroll. Sports are awful, new facilities, college preparedness is terrible.
I was hoping to review my college, which is amazing, but was not on the list. When I have to review Phil Campbell High School, I can only say that it was the worst years of my life, that I feel I am still trying to recover from, due to the cruelty, neglect, and belittling suffered from the administration. The principle and vice principle are a husband/wife couple, which allows no higher authority to make complaints, and they belittle and talk badly about the other staff as well as any, literal children, they deem as not worth their time. I can also say at this High school, due to complacency, you will never take your ACT, sign up for scholarships, or receive any preparedness for life.
I love this school! Not only did I attend but my son attended from K - 12. It is a small community and the teachers are very approachable and helpful, when asked. The sports and clubs are wonderful. Parents and community show an enormous amount of support at events and want them to do good. The community went through a devastating f-5 tornado in 2011 and it only made us stronger. My sons class went to class in mobile trailers until he graduated. It did not prevent them from learning and I believe in the long run has made everyone more appreciative. I would recommend this school to anyone. If you put effort into your studies and parents get involved, it is a wonderful experience.
There are several great teachers but there are an equal number or more so of teachers that JUST DON'T care and are NOT willing to help struggling students. They just don't care.
There isn't much school funding for sports so parents have a lot of out of pocket expenses for our kids to participate
Most of the students at this school know what it means to overcome diversity and tragedy. They dealt with living thru a tornado, losing loved ones, and learning in the most difficult environments. They are community strong.
The guidance counselor is no help to most kids. They pick and choose whom they are willing to go that extra mile to help and you feel as you are not very important to most of the faculty
Teachers do not want to get involved. You only have a handful that are willing to take time with the kids
Bullying is horrible at our school. My daughter has been a victim many times with no consequences to the bullies
If I could restart my high school career and do it all over again I would. PCHS has taught me valuable information and life lessons. I am a senior now I'm not ready to graduate from high school now. I love PCHS! I don't want to leave!
Our lunchrooms are very clean. The lunch ladies are very sweet. If I ask for a salad with no meat, they will make it. It would be great to have more of a variety at lunch. It could be better by having chicken less often.
We have very strict rules, however, not all the teachers enforce them like they should. Our new principal has been changing this and I respect him alot for it.
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The gym, cheer room, locker rooms, weight lifting room, and all other sport facilities we have are very high quality. Our baseball and basketball teams are very good. Our football team has not been the best in the past, however, we were alot better this year!
Most of the teachers at PCHS will try their hardest to help the students to succeed. Some teaching methods are hard to grasp, however, if a student doesn't understand something the teacher will spend extra time trying to teach the material. The teachers are very smart, kind, and they will help the students anyway that they can.
At Phil Campbell High School we have variety of clubs. Our clubs range from clubs designed for anti-bullying to clubs for high academic achievements. There is a club for everyone and the club sponsors make the clubs feel like a family. Our clubs at PCHS are the BEST!!
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