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Phelps High School Reviews

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The overall building is nice, it's older but warming
We have a close community and tight knit faculty. We are all pretty close so it helps making teachers and parents easier to talk to.
It's pretty good. We are offered a variety of different academics because are high school is very small so the schedule works around us.
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There really are not many fights in are school. I think I have seen maybe one in my life at school. There are cameras installed to also prevent bullying and violence. I think are school is pretty safe there are no gangs or thugs. You don't have to worry about getting beat up or picked on because are school is so small, it acts like big family.
All the students and staff usually get involved in everything that goes on in the school. Because we are small, we all support each other. We help one another over come challenges and hard times. There really is no ethnic or racial comments made because we for the most part get along.
The teachers at are school are usually involved in a lot of the stuff we do. They even come to support events that are important to us. They seem to love their job and love to help us when we need it. They are always willing to stay after and help us when we need it.
The food at my school is pretty good. It sucks that we get almost half of what we use to ever since the food act has gone in action. Everyday you get to choose between two options or you can bring your own lunch. The food is always healthy and usually good. We get after school snacks if we stay for homework help or sports.
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