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I like the diversity and the determination that each and every faculty, staff and students bring everyday. We are always excited and determined to make our school the best environment!!
Although it has been 15 years since attending high school, there are many things I recall about those years. Overall, i feel like I received a quality education at Phelps High School. The downfall was the unequal treatment of students at the school. Not only was this a daily instance for students, but sadly the staff at Phelps High set the bar for unfair treatment based on "who you know" or what's called social status.
Love the teachers! All the teachers make sure we as students know what we need to go through life. Whether it be work force or college. I on the other hand, would like to see less favoritism showed in sports. Terrific math program and certain science classes. Would love to see more AP courses, but our Dual-Credit classes are amazing. Wouldn’t want to spend my high school career anywhere else.
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The number one thing I like about this school is that the teacher will help you one on one if you need it. Weather it would be during lunch break or even after school they are available. I would like this school to offer and have more college classes available to those students have tested high on their ACT, etc.
As a member of extracurricular activities excluding sports, there weren't any parents who came to support us. However, parents always come to sport events. This is unfair to us who aren't athletic but make our school look just as good.
Only a few teachers actually care about the education we receive. The majority of teachers at my school are only there for the paycheck and the great summers off.
Teachers are great at this school .they don't think they owned it
The kids respect other kids
Really my kids don't joined club
It's a great school and the kids are amazing .
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