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Phelps Architecture, Construction, and Engineering High School Reviews

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Phelps Architecture, Construction, and Engineering High School is a great school. Everyone in that school is like your family. You have teachers that cares about you and your future. The teachers and students are understanding. Phelps is an opporunitiy school.
Phelps exposed me to the NAF Academy, which opened doors for me by giving me exposure to my future engineering career through paid internships and extracurricular clubs. I think what should really be different about Phelps is the student population. I think all students deserve to have hands-on experience for any career of their choice before college. Phelps is the perfect place for the opportunity.
Phelps was an average small high school, it exposed me to the Cisco Network Technology World, I currently go to college and major in Computer Tech.
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Phelps is a pretty good school and have a wonderful trade program. Their best trade program in my opinion would be their engineering program that they have and their carpentry departments. The sports could be better however their track team is pretty decent as well as their basketball team.
The faculty and students are engaged and ensure parents are involved as well by phone, email, weekly newsletter, regular mail through the PTA sessions.
My experience was ok. It's going great so far, but i would change the organization they have mostly because they plan stuff without sitting down and discussing it.
Phelps Architecture, Construction, and Engineering High School has an excellent engineering program. The students in the engineering program go on many educational trips such as college tours and annual aviation festivals. phelps. Phelps High School is what you make it to be, it all depends on who you hang out with.
Phelps overall was a great school, the scholl was always maintained and always offereing help. I feel like f the school had Better resources as a whole the school would be even better. Administration is good and alwys ensures that the kids are doing well and safe.
My school may not be the best school in the District, but its one of the best school l have ever attended. School should not just be about what the kid learn but how conformable he is in learning and the environment should be pure relaxing and my school bring that joys to my face overtime l walk in there. One hing i would love to see change in my school is the lack of activities and sports, we have kids who have so much talent but refused to join any activity curriculum.
I came to Phelps as a junior and stayed for my senior year as well. I started my high school career very poorly for personal reasons and attended 2 schools during my freshman and sophomore years. When I came to Phelps I was very excited as I thought it would be a chance for me to reinvent myself. It was just as I had hoped for as everyone was nice and I was able to pick up my academic performance through the help of my teachers at Phelps as well as my constant hard work.
Phelps ACE High School is overall a good school to attend if your interests are one of the graduation pathways that they offer. These include Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. The student body is small which is great due to the fact that classes have a smaller student-to-teacher ratio. This leads to more 1-on-1 instruction and a more individualized learning style. One thing that should be altered about the school is more counselors because currently, one counselor services the whole school and this isn't the best because this makes her unavailable to do important tasks a lot of the time. Overall, I would recommend Phelps to anyone who is looking for a career in the STEM field after graduation because our programs will really boost this person's success,
What I like about Phelps Architecture and Engineering High School are the trades they have there for the students. They have a variety of trades like welding, carpentry, architecture, architecture, electricity cisco, computer science. My favorite trade that I'm majoring in is cisco/cyber security because that is what I want to focus on in college. What I would want to change about Phelps is the building, I want the building to be more bigger so It can feel more like a high school and that everybody can feel that freedom of being a high school student
What I liked was how they supported me when I needed help and they had my back when I needed it my teachers were there and my teachers have my back I'm in the 11th grade
Think its a far amount of extracurricular activities i just wish they was more competitive/successfl
Very focused on academics but we lack i having fun, There should be more of a balance and need more school events to motivate / keep the kids happy
Teachers always give advice and are willing to give us an extra motivational talk if needed
The nurse make sure evert student is okay.
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In my school it provide great opportunities.
My school is great because we go on alot of college trips. This year we went to Philadelphia to visit some colleges. My school is a trade school where it has carpentry, plumbing, hvac, engineering, and etc. These trades can help students out of high school if they don't want to go to college they can go to trade school. My school help and prepare us with that.
Some teachers will go beyond for the students and help students with their work.
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