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I like the teachers I've had so far, they've all been very helpful and they way that the teach makes me understand everything. I didn't wish that the offered a pathway for law enforcement. That is the one thing they don't have and I want to become a police officer so it's kind of hard that they have all this other pathways except for law.
The school was a little old and not really the best learning institution in the district in terms of both funding and the education itself. There were many great teachers here, but many of them recently relocated to a new high school in our district, leaving a bit of a gap in the staff. Other than that, I feel like I got a really good education here, even after some teachers left.
I enjoyed the diversity and overall student environment of the school. Just a normal High School not too unique. I was pleased with certain teachers that knew very well what they were doing but personally I felt there was lack of preparation and organization especially in the office and regarding certain teachers.
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I like how all the teachers and kids at my campus are very friendly and will always try to help you, to the best of their ability. I wish our lunches were longer or extended to 3 lunches, it is very crowded and it's hard to eat lunch in the cafeteria. Also we are the only high school in the district that does not allow the use of backpacks which is absurd.
I like the students and the teachers. Most of them are awesome but some teachers don’t care enough for their students education. Food is not good 1/10.
The teachers are very comfortable with the students which makes a very adaptable learning experience. The relationship with AVID can prepare you for a good future in college.
Football is over funded when there are activities that are underfunded and have brought more success to the school. Performing Arts activities should have better funding because PHS has created many artists and is known for being a creative school but many activities can't reach its full potential with such low funding and recognition.
These budget cuts imposed because of the large debt that PfISD was put into place after the building of The Pfield. The Pfield has brought close to no revenue to the district and is only used for a limited amount of activities because of the way that it was built.
Academically wise Pflugerville is okay. I believe we should focus on getting better teachers to teach AP courses instead of coaches that are not qualified to teach such subjects. Teachers should be flexible with their teaching methods so every student can learn.
My high school was a decent place to attend and learn. With all places there were some areas of opportunity in which the institution can improve. The high school is in a prime location so you are close to nearby shops and restaurants; so we you need to get off campus for a quick bite to eat you will not have an issue locating some great food spots. My teachers and counselors were very helpful; anytime I needed something they were right there to support me. Our school population is very diverse as nearly everyone grew up together by attending pre-k, elementary or middle school together. The administration staff is nice and transparent as they doe their best to keep us informed. Our sports teams are just okay. During my time we never really competitive as far as winning district or state titles. Overall - my experience was positive and enjoyable; I would recommend this high school to anyone.
I loved the support I had from all staff through out all 4 years i attended there. Graduating earlier this year in June of 2018 I walked away set up for success as I go off to college with credits and knowledge that i gained from Pflugerville High School.
I'm senior at pflugerville high school. I can't tell that pflugerville hs is a perfect school because it not,however, it is very good school if you want diversity, friendly students and teachers.(not all the teacher are good). So, why is not a perfect school ,Honestly, it is the teachers. Some of teacher literarly don't teach anything, you are by your own. But as I said not all the teacher. Most of them are really good.
I went to Pflugerville high all 4 years! Some of my best memories come out of this place. The staff are all kind,generous people trying to help further our futures. Academics wise we had some of the best out of this school because of their hard work and the excellent staff. This school is very diverse we have many different cultures here blending together to become one. I believe this is the best school to go not because i went there because its really great!
I grew up in Pflugerville, coming from south Austin, and parents by way of Clarksville TN and it was an adjustment but easy one. Everyone in town was friendly and that flowed through to the schools. The teachers and coaches actually cared about our success and helped many students. If they could improve somewhere I would like them to add trade programs and more hands on experiences so the students can earn their degrees as well as a trade.
Overall it was pretty boring but then again it’s school, it’s not expected to be all fun. Wouldn’t change a thing though.
I wish my school would prepare us more for college & the real world. I wish they would not enforce Dress code as much as they do. I wish they wouldn’t be so strict on attendance, students are entitled to a bad day and I feel like they make it as if you don’t go to school because of whatever reason then you’re in trouble for attendance.
Pflugerville High School has prepared me to succeed in college. The AP program and teachers here are amazing. The teachers are usually willing to stay late into the evening or come early in the morning to make sure that you understand the information. The CTE program has great teachers. Mr. Taylor, Mr. Arellano, and Mr. Toporek have been very influential in my decision on my college major and future career. Be sure to join the Business Professionals of America.
I graduated Pflugerville High School in 2013 and my experience was great for preparing for college. The food wasn't always great but there was a good selection of food off campus.
The school building is old and the bathrooms aren’t the nicest. But the teachers are overall great. Our school is very diverse and has a combination of plenty of options.
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My experience at Pflugerville was honestly I believe one of the better high school experiences one could ask for. There are people from all sorts of backgrounds yet the environment is not judgmental towards any group; the students embrace it. Most of the staff are Pflugerville High School graduates therefore you can tell they understand what the students must be feeling and genuinely care about helping them, not just academically but with their personal problems as well. While not the wealthiest or newest school, Pflugerville manages to care for all their students, staff, and cleanliness of the school. If I could change something about Pflugerville it would definitely be to put more of an emphasis on the areas in school not involving sports or athletics. I believe if less attention and money went into that aspect of school that Pflugerville could be more successful in other smaller areas such as new classroom equipment, as well as funding of other clubs such as theatre or band.
Pflugerville High School is very diverse and has a lot of very solid teachers. However, they cater to their sports more than the arts to a noticable sad degree. They also depend more on general policy than individual help. It is a very safe campus. I wish there were more rescourses for college readiness that were obviously available as opposed to resources you can find if you hunt and search for it. But the teachers and principals are awesome.
My experience with Pflugerville High School is something I wouldn't forget. This school makes sure that once you enroll with you will be successful. The staff are so helpful, the school environment is pretty nice. Pflugerville high school takes their safety really seriously and that's something I like about this school.
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