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I think the Teacher-student relationships are strong, but the academics we learn are very easy. I do not have to try very hard or study very much and I still maintain a 3.7 Gpa.
The staff at Peyton are excellent. They have always been very willing to work with me and are always available if needed.
The small class and community led to close bonds and relationships between all the students and staff there. The staff also took time to invest in you and your needs, not just the class a whole. Some days off were given, where I feel we should have been studying, but not too many.
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Peyton Senior High School is great! The teachers are wonderful, and do their best to prepare children for their future. They genuinely care about their students and do everything they can to make sure they understand the lesson being taught. All of the teachers in the school have a passion for teaching, and it definitely shows in class.
Last year (my sophomore year) was my first year. When I first arrived I was welcomed by the teachers and was made feel very welcome by a majority of the students. Choosing my schedule was new (my old school did not allow us to do that) and the counselors were very understanding and helped put me in the classes I needed to be in. The curriculum is pretty average for a public school and I feel like there could be some changes that would allow the students to be better prepared and have a better high school experience.
I have gone to the Peyton School district ever since preschool, and i love it here. The teachers, coaches, and students are fun, caring, and kind. It's also a small school which is great. We get a lot of one on one time with our teachers, and they will do anything to help us succeed and fully understand what is going on in our classes. They take extra time to help us learn, give us notes and hints to help us better understand, and sit down with us and explain what the lesson is and how to do it. Once again, I love this school, and i wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Sports here are great. Everyone gets along and really comes together and works together as a team
My experience at this school has been pretty great. Mainly with it being a smaller school so you can get to know everyone. I would choose this school again because of that reason. Small schools are so much better than big schools.
The teachers at my school are pretty good but not the greatest. It also varies because there are some very good teachers and some not so good so it balances out.
The classes that are offered are not diverse enough. There just the main core classes and couple of electives. The scheduling is nice because we have school Monday through Thursday.
Other than sports teams there is only a few other extracurricular activities. These include robotics, match wits, and FBLA. These are not great choices for people who don't like sports. So most people end up playing a sport just because everyone else is.
This school is unique because of its size. It a is a small school so every one knows each other. A downside is that there isn't a lot of new people to get to know.
I would most likely go to this school again, simply because it was not a terrible experience. Granted, there were some thing I wish had been different, but overall, it could have been much worse and for that I am grateful. There are things I wish could have changed, but as with all things, there is only so much you can do.
We have a good enforcement of discipline but some students are deviant and do not follow those rules.
The school provides a variety of different delicious and healthy food options on a daily basis.
the school does an excellent job of telling the parents what is happening, and do an amazing job of enforcing the rules as well.
The sports programs excel at involving the students and meeting their needs.
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I have never had teachers who are as involved and caring as the teachers at this school.
There are not many things to participate in after the school day is over but if you do get involved then you get the support needed and have a good time.
I liked most of my teachers. They for the most part help if you need it.
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