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Paul Pewitt is a very open school. The faculty/staff are very down to earth people that make your day ten times better. There is discipline; however, it's a great thing, in order to keep us in line. If I could change one thing about our school, it would have to be the support system. Everyone who attends the school in the community should take pride in where they go. If we support each other, that would lifdt everyone up.
The strong hold of community and family is what makes Pewitt HS great! I love how grades 9-12 know each person, if not by their names, than definitely by their faces. There are no strangers!
The school is really great, the administration could be better but it’s good. Sports are average; I mean we win some, we lose some. The teachers are AWESOME!!! they will help you if you are willing to help yourself, they will make sure that you understand the subject and will answer any questions you have. The dress could should be changed a little, I say this because if you have jeans on the have rips in them but they have the patches on the inside of them where you can’t see any skin then you have to change because it has rips in them.
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I like that it is a small school, you can gain a better relationship with the teachers which later helps the learning process.
Pewitt is the type of school that will allow students how to be ready for college on a classroom level. While this sound intimidating it is not. What is meant by this is, the honors classes are taught by teachers that can help with college applications and prepare students for college work.
My parents aren't bad, but here the parents tend to make their kid think he's an all star when he's not. They make them feel like they are perfect and everyone else is below them. This doesn't build good character for anything. Especially not the real world.
The teachers here are mostly similar so its always an easy transition into a new class, but some teachers put in their grades in the last week. This causes problems for people who might have needed time to make something up.
The school organizations are great, and with the addition of a new principal are really receiving administrative support. There is a wide variety of group available, with many students being involved.
The academics are great. The Advanced Placement/Honors program is one of the best in the area, and a lot is to be learned from almost all teachers by a willing student.
The school is very safe and has a great security system. The nurse isn't very helpful or attentive however.
Many students gripe and complain about the school, but all in all I wouldn't go to another school if given the choice. The school has been a positive academic experience and the school clubs and activities are a great thing to be a part of, most of them being very active on a local and statewide level.
3/4ths of the time the main meal is some type of tasteless chicken...if you eat the macaroni you need five packages of salt but you can only have three. Most all of the cafeteria staff are loved though, so that's a plus.
There is a large amount of new teachers this year, but they are a great bunch of educators who fit in well at the school. There are a select few teachers who are below impressive, however this is made up for in the dedication of other teachers. The Calculus teacher and AP Science teacher show a great amount of dedication, knowledge, and respect for the students that really shows in their instruction.
For the most part, their isn't an acceptance problem among the student body. Bullying isn't very prominent in comparison to other schools. While a great lot of students are active in some type of school activity, there is also a fair amount of students who refuse to take any part in school activities and show a disappointing lack of regard for any sort of extracurricular activity.
Some of the athletic facilities are outdated. Both the school and community are very supportive of the athletic program, leading to a positive school spirit.
Facilities are a bit outdated, but technology is becoming a prominent and well used tool. One of the student parking lots is often hectic to get out of given the size.
The new principal is great, experienced, and very helpful. The counselor is definitely a step up from the previous one, as well, and is very accessible. The dress code is a bit of a drag, but is enforced and accepted on an appropriate level.
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Some teachers care plenty about students and their education and then there are some that are ignorant to everything around them. Many classes for underclassmen can be passed easily for the fact that many of the teachers are new and only care about their paycheck. While not all are like this, many are new to teaching so their methods in the classroom sway easily.
The school is safe. Along with the security system many kids are aware how to protect themselves anyways.
Changes too often. Different principles for the last four years so everything changes. Ridiculous dress code rules are lightening up to normal ones. For a while they might as well worn uniforms.
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