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Pewaukee High School does an extremely good job preparing their students for the future. The opportunities they offer specialize in college readiness, as well as building upon critical, real world skills. I am very fortunate to attend a high school that sets me on a path for success.
All of the teachers are friendly and are genuinely willing to help any students. In addition, the principle and vice principle are working hard to ensure that the students have the best experience possible and also that they are involved in many of the school sponsored events. Lastly, the classrooms themselves are kept very clean and are always equipped with new technology that allows us students to learn using great materials.
Pewaukee High school is a great school that truly focuses on raising up young leaders and prepping students for college. Additionally, the school is made up of a great staff that wants students to succeed and will help you out, even after school hours in order to help you succeed and make your high school experience as good as possible. Despite my experience at Pewaukee High School being almost flawless, one thing that I would change in order to make the school as quality as possible would be to add a few more clubs, as there could be a lot more clubs that I would like to have joined during high school.
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The fact that we have relearn-redos is amazing, especially since it's so different from other schools. However the diversity is very much lacking and for lunch, they only ever have one option with no meat, making it difficult to eat healthier vegetarian meals.
The best thing about Pewaukee High School is the redo relearn policy. If you didn't do so well on a test, and you turned in all your homework you can redo the test after completing the redo assignment.
Overall, the experience at Pewaukee High School was excellent. Teachers were always involved in any way possible. The school itself was very college based and the school's goal is for every student to graduate.
At Pewaukee High School, we are able to grow academically and personally. The classes give me the ability to learn as much as I can as well as explore content that will help me with my future. The friendly staff create an environment that feels safe and makes it so I can approach them with issues. The clubs and sports at Pewaukee are exciting and assist students in finding a career or hobby related to this activity. What I would like to see change at Pewaukee though is for teachers to have more passion for what they are doing because I feel that when the teachers aren’t excited for what they are doing, it effects the students and makes them not care about what they are doing. Also, the Academic Career Planning meetings that Pewaukee has are not as effective as they can be. Instead of them helping us plan for our futures, they are making me feel pressured that I should have a career and college picked out right at that very second.
Pewaukee high school is a school that really tries to prepare students for college and beyond. They offer high level courses and try to push students to their full potential. I really have taken advantage of all of the opportunities the school has given me and have been able to connect my learning in the real world. I wish they would allow students to have more opportunities to connect their learning to the real world by meeting with real businesses and working on projects. Allowing students to connect with the real world could allow students to enhance their learning and help prepare them for life beyond high school. As a student I have first hand experience with working with businesses through Pewaukee and I was able to figure out what I want to do in college and as a possible job for the first time in my life.
I liked the dedication to education and seeing everyone succeed. I wish people had gotten along a little bit better. But bullying was never really a proble. Teachers took the time to actually get to know students and connect with them on a deeper level to be able to teach in the way that a student would learn.
The sheer amount of opportunities I was offered at PHS was incredible. The INSIGHT program, an opportunity to work with people within the field I want to work in. The drama department who offered me so much for both learning and fun, and gave me my love of theater that I plan on using for the rest of my life. My teachers were invested in my future, and my counselors were there to help me when I was unsure about my class options and my future, working with me and my parents to tailor my four years as close to me as they could.
Pewaukee has a friendly, safe environment and teachers and faculty are always ready and available to help students. There are lots of ways to get involved, countless clubs, sports, and extra curricular activities. Their community involvement is strong, with football games being a well attended activity, as well as Homecoming, parades, and plays.
I've been a student at Pewaukee School District since second grade, and the high school experience is the best experience yet. I personally don't party, and no one judges me for my decisions. There is little to no bullying, the classes are challenging, and the teachers are helpful and fun. Our athletic program is very competitive, and our athletes are kind to other people, with no exceptions.
What I like about Pewaukee High school is that there are so many clubs that people can join. Also that there is guaranteed a club that any person would like. For me I joined the chess club, international club, key club, and NHS this year. While in the past years I always joined the chess club, key club, and NHS when I could. In addition to the great clubs there are also a bunch of helpful teachers who will help you when they can. Also I do have an IEP for my assburgers and my IEP teacher was first Mr. Petrone and he was very nice and would also give me advice on the stuff that he could that I struggled with. Then when he had to many people my new IEP teacher was Mrs. Young Eagle and just like Mr. Petrone she would give me advice and help me where I could. Also she did add a new thing to my IEP because the cellphone rule changed is that I can have my cellphone on me like in my pocket. Also I could use it if I get stressed out.
Pewaukee is a great school for academics and extra circulars with great facilities. Poor diversity and needs better administration.
Pewaukee High School does a very well job at teaching students how to excel within their future and prepares them for the real world, whether it be through academics, socialization or real world scenarios.
I had four great years at Pewaukee. The only thing was that some of the policies that the school has I didn't agree with.
What I really enjoyed about Pewaukee High School throughout the four years I've been here has been the academic quality. Our class offers a variety of classes that are useful for college, and that students actually enjoy and spark their interest. Our teachers are awesome and really know what the material they are teaching, along with providing new techniques guided towards our different learning methods as students. Not only does our school provide opportunities during school hours, Pewaukee is very good at providing out of school activities that relate to student's career choice. For example, our school provides a CNA program through a local college, as well as a firefighter/ EMT program. I would highly suggest Pewaukee High School to an incoming freshman because of the college readiness it provides.
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Pewaukee is a great school that involves its community greatly. As some may know, Pewaukee is a small suburb town. This, however, doesn't stop Pewaukee from being one big community. Have gone to the district since kindergarten and graduating my senior year, I have seen how big the small community is. Homecoming parades are massive, football and basketball games bring in enough fans to fill the stands. The support from the community makes the experience at the High School even better. Given the fact that everyone knows everyone because almost all of us have gone to school together since we started, it's easy to succeed because of the huge support everyone has for one another. Overall, Pewaukee High School is one of the best high schools ever. Not only because I am a proud alum, but because there's great education opportunities the school provides for its students.
I loved EVERYTHING about my high school experience. Progressive teachers and adminstration. High moral standards.
Great School, Great academics and Sports with teachers that like to teach. Like all schools food could be improved as well as amount of clubs
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