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Pewamo-Westphalia Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I like Pewamo-Westphalia because we here at PW are champion. The students, teachers and the athletes are competitive. I believe something that makes PW different from other schools is how the students challenge ourselves and others to be better. Once we reach the top we will not stop we are always told to change our personal best to reach higher and higher. Pewamo-Westphalia is my description of the perfect high school from athletics to teachers we will strive to be the best. The teachers prepare us for college and teaching how college professors would do to get us ready. Pewamo-Westphalia is in my personal opinion the best high school in Michigan.
Pewamo-Westphalia Community Schools have left an positive impact on every student to graduate from there. The school district is made up from multiple surrounding communities including Pewamo and Westphalia. The reason this school district has vastly expanded in the previous 5 years is because of the positive environment and excellent academic program provided for all students. The school staff has an unwavering passion for their jobs, students, and the desire to see all students succeed. Every student feels welcome and is encouraged to give their personal best every day. This hard work and effort pays off as Pewamo-Westphalia is ranked 1068 in the United States with a student body enrollment just over 300, as of 2018. I would highly recommend Pewamo-Westphalia Community Schools to any person or family who has a passion for their education.
I like that Pewamo-Westphalia High School is a fairly small school. I think that this allows everyone to be closer with your classmate and also allows the students to be closer to their students. Pewamo-Westphalia's academics are always strong and their sports are phenomenal.
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Great overall experience. Would say though to not necessarily change a lot of the focus from sports, but in the classroom don’t just refer to sports for everything, other students have other interests
Pewamo-Westphalia is great school for kids to attend. The teachers work hard to get students ready for collage. The staff and students are great.
Championship culture in athletics. Enjoyed my time there. Great community support, excellent facilities, and staff that cares about students and prepares them for the real world.
The principle, Mr. Simmons, is really great and really passionate about making sure you feel welcome. All the staff cares about the well being of the students even more than they care about their education (which is a lot). The student body is slightly less welcoming as they mostly come from a small town with a strong sense of community, but they can be won over pretty easily with some effort.
Pewamo-Westphalia offers courses that challenge students and prepare them for college. This school also provides a comfortable learning environment which allows the students to reach their full potential.
At Pewamo-Westphalia we are always trying to change our personal best. Our principal is the most caring guy out there and welcomes anyone into our school with open arms.
I really enjoyed my time here at Pewamo-Westphalia. I made many great friends and was able to play multiple different sports along with joining different extracurricular activities. Pewamo-Westphalia had a lot to offer me and I am glad I was able to attend this school.
This school is very safe, they care about your health.
Fun to be apart of
Amazing, I love it here.
This community is such a tight knit group of people. The support for the schools and the students is there with out any doubt.
All of the teachers do a great job at what they do, while there is always room for improvement!
The school has the normal basketball, baseball/softball, volleyball, track, cross country, golf, bowling, competitive cheer. These sports have high commitment levels and are highly supported by parents and administration. Some clubs are American Sign Language, PLANK (an anti-bully, student ran club), Spanish Club, Art Club, Stembotics, and Yearbook.
The community here was very small, so we all knew who each other was. I liked having my class small because I feel like I know them all on a personal level. My classmates are my best friends and it was actually sad graduating and thinking that I was never going to see some of them again. They always had my back and made high school fun!
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The teachers here actually care about my academic success and my well being as a person. They prepared me for college in ways that I would have never guessed.
The teachers come to school everyday with a motive, and that is to help every student succeed. Not many students can say that all their teachers truly care about them, but I believe that all my teachers strive to help each student to be the best student that can be. They are always available before or after school. If you are unsure about something they are quick to help or answer your question. I feel the teachers are tougher at our school because they want to prepare us for the future. It is a good thing that they are tough on us because they prepare us for college and with make us succeed. The grading is also tougher but it helps students work even harder to get better grades. The teachers at Pewamo-Westphalia High School are strong-willed and are motivated.
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