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Pettus Secondary School Reviews

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I like that you can have a one on one relationship with teachers. Also the fact that Pettus is a small school it is easy to get into sports and clubs.
When I went here I hardly learned anything. The teachers let us all slack off or would hardly bother really teaching. Either that or could not control the students. I’ve heard they’re improving though.
Had amazing experiences at this school, from sports to band to UIL. But there was a lacking desire to improve. Everyone was content with being mediocre. Most teachers were just there for a paycheck.
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It's okay but it could be better.
The facilities are okay but outdoors so the weather affects it.
The administration of the school is okay but it has to many rules.
Pettus High School has the basic academic necessitates.
Petus is a smalll school, so everybody particaptes in everything. the girls have been to playoffs in every sport this and the boys are very dedicated as well. The teachers and community are very supportive.
The teachers will do anything to help the students understand the purpose of th e class. They will never let the students fail behind.
The school is very strong about our safety. They have hired secruity to protect us.
High school is a lesson its self. It teaches and prepares for the real world.
They have a variety of food options. When you dont want a certain meal then there is always another option for you to choose.
Everybody will be there for you. When you are in a time of need even someone you never talked before will come and help with your problems.
The administration is very conservative.
The most popular organization is FFA.
My school is unique because it looks like a mission
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