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Locked doors except for the office entrance and lockdown drills are the safety precautions at this school.
Electives are extremely limited, especially if you are not interested in Agriculture. Ag, Art, Spanish, and Home Ed are the electives for non-musical students.
The only after school activities are sports, and the school has average sports teams.
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There are a few amazing teachers here who go above and beyond, and are very feiendly, helpful, and are great teacjers. The English Department amd Spanish Teacher are A++. Math is also has a tremendous teacher, you just have to get past his more traditional ways of teaching. The Science and History teachers leave A TOM to be desired.
Classes are close, so we are like families.
The teachers are great and very helpful. I was home schooled from pre-school through eight grade, and I was pushed very hard by my teacher and curriculum as a home schooled student and I do not receive this push at Pettisville High School and the curriculum feels easy to me because most of it I have already done. The books are very outdated, and there is a lack of class selection. The people are nice, but very clicky, and since it is a small town labels are given sometimes.
I truly love everything about the school I attend. Through my high school career I have been able to be involved with many organizations which I would not have been able to in another school. I do believe that is something that makes this school unique. At Pettisville students can be and are involved in more than one extracurricular, and by that they are able to make more friends and more connections. Through this we have been able to make the school feel more like a family rather then a place to be during the day.
Pretty safe area. Drinking and drugs are not prominent at all.
Timing is rather short, but the selection is nice.
Rules are reasonable, but are rather strict due to the conservative community.
Sports are pretty big, but there needs to be more funding.
Teachers are great and prepare students for college.
There are some clubs, but the selection is limited.
This school has greatly prepared me for college and its challenges
Overall it's a great environment for athletics because athletics is very important to the school
The cafeteria works very hard to make sure that the students have a very healthy lunch. There are many different items that the cafeteria has added that have been very tasty like sweet potato casserole, glazed carrots, parfaits, to so with black beans, chef salads, and much more. However there is a short coming on the side dish options. Almost everyday there is a main dish, one or two veggies, and one or two fruits. The problem is that when you choose not to take one of the veggies and you only like one of the fruits, you still have one slot left on your tray. This causes the risk for you to still be hungry! So the only thing is that they need more variety and choices for fruits and vegetables, instead of just lettuce, carrots, and applesauce.
Pettisville has many extracurricular and all are highly supported by teachers and the community. Some organizations include NHS, FFA, FCA, FCCLA, Spanish Club, Quiz Team, Jazz Band, Noteworthy.
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Overall, the administration and policies of Pettisville are very good. The administration works their hardest to make the school the best place possible for students to come and learn.
I really love Pettisville High School. First, because of the smallness of the school which allows for really close relationship with most of my classmates. Second, because of the great school spirit and athletics. I especially like going to basketball games and cheering on the blackbirds. Finally, everyone from Pettisville as a whole are very good natured people that are just so nice. Everyone supports everyone else in everything. It's great!
with the new school there are a lot more possibilities to expand your knowledge with ease
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