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Petrolia Junior High/High School Reviews

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We had teachers that really loved their jobs! I would like to see teachers like that hired again. It’s a very small school, which led to the students getting quite a bit of one on one teaching.
Petrolia High school is in a small community. They are like a second family, if you need anything they will try and make it happen for you. they have great faculty and staff. They put education above all.
The one thing that makes this school great is the fact that it is like a big happy family. The teachers make sure that we are loved and cared for. As for the students, we love to joke around with each other are their for each other when one of us is down.
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All of my teachers treat the students like we are part of their family.
The school administration is average although at times bias towards students depending on who their parents are.
The educational outcomes at this high school are not outstanding but get the job done. The one track mind of a small limits students to thinking inside the box.
We have an immense amount of student involvement at our school. Because we are such a small school, everybody is friends. Of course we have those who like to keep to themselves, but other than that we are a big happy family. We don't have much peer pressure in our school, unless you are just a straight up bully. Mainly everybody is accepted at Petrolia High School. That's why I love where I go to school, because everybody is respectful and kind towards one another.
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