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Petoskey High School has an outstanding list of AP courses to enroll in, especially compared to schools in the surrounding areas. There are really good teachers and there are also ones that are subpar. PHS is structured in a way that makes motivated students self-sufficient. The facilities, including Northmen Stadium, are top-notch. There is a large student section at every football and basketball game and a huge community turnout. The band program is very highly regarded, winning every trophy at the competitions they go to. Over one-third of the student body is in band, which is something very unique.
Petoskey High School as given me so much. There are so many things for all students to participate in, and no learner is left behind.
I was at Petoskey High school for three years. My Sophomore through senior year. I was in the band program which was outstanding and we did very well in all of our competitions. Two things that I would like to see changed are additional windows or at least access to the outside because florescent lights can often be harsh and make school a hard environment to study in. The lunch program left a lot to be desired so that would be cool to have an innovative healthy new lunch program implemented.
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I liked how dedicated my school is extremely to sports. The only thing that I would personally change about my school, is the diversity. My school is predominately white. I know that this school will never change when it come to diversity, since it is Northern Michigan.
I liked the number of classes available for students to take. Some of the classes offered at this high school were not available at any other schools in the area. I also enjoyed the range of after school clubs and sport that were offered to participate in. There are two things that I would like to see change. The first is have ALL of the teachers dedicated to improving the knowledge and skills of their students. The next would be having the ability to request for teachers that work better for student's learning styles. I struggled in a subject that I usually excel at due to the different way that the teacher taught new materials.
Petoskey has a great community, clubs and sports are widely supported by the town and it has been a pleasure participating in plays and activities in this town. The band program is widely renowned for its success and hard work, and I feel lucky to have been a part of the Marching Northmen as a flute and piccolo player.
I loved the opportunities this school provided me with. There was always a sport I could play, their band program is spectacular, and their Early College Program gives students a wonderful head start to college.
It is a very good high school that has lots of opportunities. It has many honors and AP classes as well as almost every extra curricular activity you could think of. Anyone in the surrounding areas should definitely consider attending there.
I transferred to Petoskey HS my sophomore year, and because of the band program, I was able to find my niche right away. The classes and teachers were good, and the structure of the system was good too.
Overall, it was okay. I did not get hot lunch because the food looked really gross. I didn't like the people I went to school with, but some of the teachers made it better. I am glad I am done with high school.
Petoskey High School offers a wide variety of educational and vocational opportunities for all students. I'm especially impressed with the excellent support system which includes individual tutoring, personal counseling, and a strong administrative staff.
The facilities are of very high quality, like the brand new stadium constructed on campus, that offers a vast amount of activities for students like football, soccer, and lacrosse. There are many different AP classes offered mostly for upper class men, but the lack of focus on computers and new technology may be a disappointment for some. The food is rather unappealing for the most part, the ethnic diversity is not high, and, if you attend PHS, you will certainly have teachers that care about your education, but you will also have those who are less attentive.
Overall, Petoskey High School has created a sports realm, valuing athletics over academia multiple times. This school does not provide students with preparation for standardized tests or college, but it does offer a wide range of AP tests and clubs.
Petoskey Is an Art school above anything else. However many of the teachers were unhelpful when I needed help. There were many times when student safety was not enforced, so there were many fights. I hope it has gotten better since I attended
I loved the teachers and administration at PHS. However, the bathrooms could use pad and tampon dispensers and PHS could really use some consent education classes.
Grew as an athlete there in my sport of football and made lasting friendships with people I still stay in touch with.
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The teachers are fair and intelligent instructors. I never had a teacher I did not appreciate and enjoy. The academics however, are not advanced or challenging enough to fully prepare a student for their possible college attendance.
This school itself isn't bad, it the venomous humans that crawl through its hallways and inhibit its classrooms that makes it awful.
Petoskey High School (PHS) offers many AP classes and has a multitude of helpful, caring teachers. PHS also offers opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom in programs such as debate, DECA, robotics, and forensics.
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