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My experience with Peterson-Warren Academy was an interesting one. I attended the school for six years and overall, I enjoyed my experience. I loved the theater projects. Every year our English teacher put together a play for us to present. I also enjoyed playing on the basketball team. The players were a family, and the fans were also our family and always supported us. Some teachers were much easier to talk to than others, but overall, they were all good teachers. Some things that I would like to see change are the numbers of students attending. The enrollment numbers are really low and it would crush my heart if the school closed down.
I love the teachers. They care about their students and the school feels like family. I like the religious aspect , starting the day with prayer makes a big difference.
My experience at Peterson Warren has been mixed for most of my time there. While the school building itself has not been renovated for some time, it is still in working order. The teachers there are motivated for your wellbeing, but that doesn't mean they have the resources to help you all of the time, especially since we have a lack of funding. Overall, it is a decent school, but does not lack in ways that it can improve itself.
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It's amazing. I feel safe here with an environment that makes you feel welcome. I have met many close friends through this school. It truly is a home away from home.
The only extracurricular they offer is choir, strings, and they have a student association. Mostly everyone is in one of those three and has fun in them.
The people make the school unique, and if i could do it again i would choose this school because its like a big family once your in it your in it for life and dont lose the connections with people.
The teachers have different levels of teaching skills, some are good some are below average. The teachers overall have a good heart at the end of the day. I believe the teachers have knowledge of the things they are teaching. When it comes to grading they are inconsistent.
My best experience was playing high school basketball there for sure.
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