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I loved my middle school experience overall, but I did not unfortunately learn as much as I would have liked in order to have prepared me well for high school. I enjoyed going to school every day because I had a solid group of friends, supportive teachers, and a generally positive, high level of education--at least for a middle school. Sometimes I wish the administration was less strict, especially about dress code, but other times I thought they served us well. Recess and lunch was always a mess, and I strongly disliked having to sit with my homeroom up until the 5th grade or sometime around then. I think the administration could have given us more freedom and should have trusted us more, as even though we were young, we still had some sense of right and wrong. It was demeaning and patronizing to have us walk in perfectly straight lines going from recess to lunch, and other silly things like that.
This is a terrific school and far exceeded our expectations. When we first moved to North Park, we were planning on sending our children to private school. Now, there's no way we would leave Peterson. Parents are extremely involved and host fundraisers throughout the year, raising thousands in additional funds. Every year, kids graduate from Peterson and go onto NorthSide Prep, Lane Tech -some of the best High Schools in the city. Diversity is celebrated, kids are affirmed and gifted kids, as well as children with special needs, excel in every way. The reason the school is solid is really due to the neighborhood that surrounds it. The "Hate Has No Home Here" signs, that have gone viral post the 2016 election were started in North Park. It's beat the expectations of almost every parent I know.
Bad Experience with this school administration , before you put parents in trouble with DCFS you should contact parent first , when the Kid don't speak English , for no reason ...
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They recently petitioned to get a full-time nurse in a district that is cutting back on providing nursing services.
Many more extracurriculars after school than I grew up with. They could do more if they had more funding.
I cannot think of a neighborhood school in the City of Chicago I would rather send our children to. The District tends to hold many schools back...especially those with low income students. But this school works creatively to overcome District obstacles and get resources to kids and families.
The diversity of this school (socioeconomic, racially, ethnically, etc.) is one of its greatest assets and greatest challenges. Teachers work hard to bridge a wide range of needs, and the work that they put in to bridge the curriculum across classrooms and grades shows.
Bulls school nurse is barely there not safe
We have statwo winning choir and band
The school has no fun or creative idea very boring would never choose this school again
In this school the children do whatever they want even in adult supervision but teachers get wrong students in trouble because they do not care to find out what happened.
I had a hard time in this school but things eventually got better as people got to know be better.
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