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Petersburg is unmatched to any other school. The community is friendly, the school is A-rated, and the pride for Buffalo Nation is overwhelming! A bond election is coming Nov. 8 and we are hoping to break ground on a new school if it passes.
I got to Petersburg School when I was in the 4th grade. My life has gotten better, as in academics and also keeping out of trouble.
PHS has the required classes. They do offer Spanish. The workload sometimes get heavy but they do what they can to help the student get it completed. They do offer a activity period for the seniors workload so they can stay on top of everything. The teachers are great and will help all of the kids during their off time as well as in the class.
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Wow where to start. The school is very involved in Athletics. The student body is involved as well. The fan support is out of this world no matter how far we have to travel. The students all give 100% when it comes to sports - they like to win. The do hold a fitness program every year and involve the whole town that wants to participate. We have some great athletics and I think that helps turn the child into a better person.
The administration is very involved in the child every day. In our case our principle is the Head Coach as well as the Athletic Director so he is more involved that most. It never fails that he is involved in every activity that the school presents. They do stick by the dress code they are fair to all.
Most of the teachers taught the kids parents when they were going to school. They are very educated and involved with the kids during school. If a kid is having problems the teacher will go in early and help the child with whatever they are having difficulty with. They communication with each and every parent when it is needed.
My experience has been great at the school. I think it has help my daughter turn into the person she is today. She is smart, outgoing, involved and has received and earned many rewards from the school. We have a great parent involvement in the kids life's and I think that is works great with the kids attitude.
The school is a very old school but they keep up with the maintenance as well as they can. The facilities are old but they try to stay on top of things. Parent Involvement for a small school is out of this world! It has a great College counselor to help the kids along the way. She is very involved. They are up to speed on the technology.
One Act play, cross country, tennis, basketball, football, track, Student Council, FFA,
Petersburg HS is a great safe place to be. They have drills often such as fire and tornado. Students have to sign in and out to leave the school grounds. The school will also call the parents if the student goes to the office and ask to leave such as doctor and dentist appt. They are taught to walk in groups of 2 or more if during a school activity that is taking place at night. It is a very small school so most of the kids are a close knit family.
Our school takes our safety very important.
I am a student/athlete here and I love it!
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