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Petersburg High School Reviews

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My experience at Petersburg High school has been very good. The teachers are helpful and understanding. Like every other school there has been some disruptions, but we have overcome them and went on with our education. Our school is small so most teachers know the students by name.
I really do like this school. It is very small and everyone knows everyone. The teachers create a good personal relationship with the students. I am glad that I went to school here.
I had some great experiences through this school I spent all 12 years of my schooling here most of the teachers there are very kind and are willing to sit down and help you with any of your work to make sure you understand and are capable of passing my favorite part of this school was the agriculture program I spent most of my time in there the teacher for that class is amazing her name is Mrs.Whetzel if it wasn't for her I wouldn't of been able to make it threw school she was always there to help me with anything that I needed help with and would always go out of her way to make sure I was capable of doing what I wanted to threw that school and her I am to this day right in the direction I want my life to go I would defiantly recommend this school to any one if they are looking for there kids to get a good schooling.
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I liked that they have many different academics offered to the students and have the vocational school on its campus. The atmosphere is friendly and the teachers are always willing to go beyond to help the students. The students and teachers welcomed my daughter to the school with open arms when she transferred to the school her senior year from a nearby county. This showed me that the staff encouraged students to be open to new students that were new to the school and to not treat them like they didn’t belong since the majority of the students had been in classes together through out there schooling.
I enjoyed my time at Petersburg High School. It has a friendly atmosphere, along with teachers and staff that care about your well being. I am glad that I was able to experience high school here, but there would be some changes that I would make.
My experience at PHS was terrible. Teachers and staff show favoritism to jocks and other staff members family if you wasn't in the click you was sure to be left behide. If you got one bad mark it would follow you all the way till you graduated or got kick out . Buildings and facility was nice.
I have enjoyed my educational experience at Petersburg High School. I have had the opportunity to take several college courses to prepare me for my college experience.
Petersburg High School is a nice place to attend. You can get a great education right at that school. The teachers are nice. The students are respectful. And, the athletics are amazing and interesting to watch. The only part I do not like about Petersburg High School is not having a snack machine in the school, but we do have machines that has water in them.
I believe Petersburg high school isn't the most diverse in students or the culture they have. The school has very little money to buy new supplies. The little money they do have they spend it on things that are of little use. An example is when the school bought flat screen televisions for the cafeteria, but we don't even use them. I would like to see the school use the money they have on more school supplies and see children do more hand-ons activites like in science.
What I liked about Petersburg high school is that it was a small school, so teachers really got to know the students. Some of my teachers taught multiple classes, so some students would have the same teacher for multiple classes. There is just some real connection between students and teachers. I would like to see the funds the school he'd be used for other things. My school has spent money on tvs and signs for the school when we need a new parking lot or newer text books.
My experience at Petersburg High School has been one to remember. The school is very unique, being there are seven different grades levels attending. The administrators go out of their way to provide a wonderful education to the students. As for me, personally, I have had a wonderful experience at this lovely school. One thing I would like to see change would be the grade levels attending the school. In the future, I would like to see only ninth through twelfth graders attend PHS.
My experience in high school was great. I know they have made major adjustments since I graduated providing the students with more opportunities and better preparing them for their future.
The thing that i have enjoyed the most from my high school classes is the fact that they offer college classes. I will be going into college with almost 20 credits
Our school really doesn't have any extra activities. The only really extra activities we have are sports and band
The thing that I have liked the most about going to my high school is being able to walk down the hallway and knowing almost everybody you see. Very often do I walk down the hallway of my school and see an unfamiliar face. Living in a small community can be good especially when it comes to sports. This past year my softball team made it to the state tournament and so many people came out to watch us from our community, it was great.
The teachers in my school fro being older to being younger. Some of the older teachers have a harder time using technology compared to the younger teachers, but I understand they grew up in a time when technology wasn't needed. Every teacher I have ever had will always help me if I am struggling. I feel as all my teachers had the requirements 100% to teach that class. I can honestly say that I've had an enjoyable high school career thanks to many of my teachers.
They usual come in and have to spary pesticides to exerminate roachs and crickets and there is dust everywhere along with 15 yr old carpets in the classroom that need to be replaced due to stains and smell.
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They have the typical sports nothing new or state wise like cross country or swimming.
The school has insects in it and is dirty and falling apart.
Clubs are self funded, which can be hard on the students, especially the band and choir kids. No respect for the performing arts whatsoever. Leaders of clubs have trouble keeping focus.
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