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My experience with Petersburg High was good, especially my 12th grade year. The teachers at Petersburg High was very helpful and they help you prepare for college or even the workforce. They care and want to see you succeed.
They had a lack of communication with the students and was unorganized. Some teachers didn’t care about us but money.
I graduated from Petersburg High in 2017. Two main aspects I was disappointed were the lack of campus security and college preparation. The security guards did not always patrol the entire campus as some students were known for skipping certain classes. Regarding college preparation, there were not enough college visits presented to the students. Also, classes should have been held to show students how to properly create college and scholarship essays.
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Everything is bad here. The food, the kids, even some of the teachers. They have the same food almost everyday. Stale chicken patties. They are so hard. Everyone cuts in line and if you try to say anything they will try and fight you. The cafeteria is always crowded and loud and inorder to get a good seat you have to be the first one in line. There are way to many kids. Sometimes you dont get to sit down and eat because they run out of chairs. Half of the kids have anger issues. There are fights everyday. The other half likes to play too much and throw things at open cartons of chocolate milk. The teachers dont do anything because they dont feel like it. There used to be a lot of good teachers but, they all up and retired so the school is filled with subs who dont do anything but sit, sleep and eat. If i had a chance to go to a different school would i go? No. Because in that 00.01 % of students i somehow met a few good friends that will last me a lifetime.
I like that we strive for greatness at this school. One thing I would change would be the diversity and to come as one as an community.
I've attended PHS for 3 years and I've had a decent time. I graduate in June 2018. Most students want to learn but the amount of children that come to cause trouble takes away from those of us who want to actually learn something.
I've been a track athlete since 8th grade and did have the chance to shine on the track. My coaches pushed me and I am grateful for that.
I recently graduated for PHS and the school was bad. I loved the sports and extracurricular activities there but the teachers were horrible.
During my years in Petersburg High School, I've had a great experience. I know that it is a great school and has a bright successful future for it and it's students.
It has been a strange experience. The amount of security guards around the school is a little intimidating along with the metal detectors. However I love all the teachers, the ones I have had were very caring and helped a lot.
It could be a whole lot better. I love my teachers and i learn new things everyday. But the lunch and classes could be better.
The extracurricular course in my school are quite interesting and career moving. We have cosmology, Culinary Arts, Engineering, childcare, and much more.most students try to get into cosmology or Childcare. None of the course happen after school unless everything being bored castes for the whole community to see.
What makes this school unique is the school colors, Athletics and how diverse it is. Also, the different culture brought into it such as teachers, administration, Security and Students. I'd would choose this school again because It's rare you can find a good school now a days.
The teachers at this school time is very valuable however some are different when it comes to take the extra steps in helping students. Some students need extra help and would like additional help and some teachers have other obligations to attend to during the school hours or even after school. Some teachers teaching style require long lectures and no resources such as online games or group work.
I wouldn't be able to answer this.
I feel like i should be challenged more and that the teachers should make the lessons more exciting for us to learn.
Some teachers care and some do noit.
I would not choose this school again because the school system needs to have better standards of teaching.
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The teachers are understanding in some students situations. There are some teachers that try to keep some students out of trouble and also guide them in a positive direction. Although some students may not care for the help from an understanding teacher it can be very useful.
i love everything about this school but i wish they fix it up some more.
You HAVE to be self motivated. Not all the students around are worried about his or her education. I am able to be one of the successful students that's making great decisions and staying on top of my education. Petersburg provides some students with an amazing Middle College Program, which no other school in the surrounding school compare. How great is it to obtain an Associates Degree and a High School Diploma.
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