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Peters Township High School Reviews

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The academic environment is very challenging . There are opportunities for various advanced placement classes. The school environment offers a variety of clubs, sports, and musical activities. Class size is good.
I like how in Peters Township High School, students have the chance to be involved in any club or sport that they wish. Also, the teachers are well suited to their jobs and there is a great amount of school spirit. However, I wish there were more electives concerning health care, astronomy, and journalism.
The teachers are really nice and seem to care about the students,my gap raised to a 3.5 since moving there. Everyone seems to be quite friendly except some of the students otherwise,the academics are amazing and the teachers actually care about their job.
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Peters is okay. I always felt like there was a large lack of diversity and a unique sense of peer pressure in which everyone tried to be exactly the same. I was satisfied with the education I was provided with and the extracurriculars. When I went off to college, I realized how much our school lacked in teaching us about mental health and other important topics. We had extensive lessons about alcohol, drugs, and bullying (this one was unfortunately not taken to heart by many). It would’ve been nice to open conversation to mental health and possibly diversity and acceptance in many different categories. Once you are graduating, prepare to fit in with the 98% of students who are attending college. I wish we encouraged the possibility of pursing other decisions post-graduation. I also wish that parents of this township were not as overly involved as they were. Especially in school gossip about young teens they’ve never even met.
I like how the teachers are dedicated to each individual student . They are always willing to help before and after school. The academics are rigorous and a bit challenging, especially at the honors and AP level. The athletic programs are competitive and rewarding to be a part of.
I overall enjoyed my 4 years at PTHS. Going from a private school to a public school wasn't that hard of a transition. I mostly liked all of the teachers. You're always going to have that mean one or the really not helpful. The other students are spoiled brats, but I was able to choose my friends based on the character even if they were a little spoiled. It's a very high class area so I didn't feel my safety was at risk. I wish the school had good wifi.
Typical suburban high school. Building is out of date but district is in process of building a new facility.
Overall, prepared me well for college. The academics were very strong, but there is very little diversity in the school.
Peters Township High School offers a unique high school experience in which it provides students a safe and comfortable learning environment. Teachers are supportive and absolutely want their students to succeed, while challenging them to earn their grades. Additionally, this district offers students a wide array of sports teams and clubs to join and make new friends. If I would change anything, I would try to make class sizes a little smaller if possible in order to make learning new information easier to understand and ask questions about. However that may not be an option due to the size of the high school. The average class has around 18 to 28 students, but I still feel that smaller classes would be ideal to help students fully grasp the concept being taught. Overall, I have had a wonderful time at this school and I feel that teachers do an excellent job of preparing students for not only the next grade level, but for life.
The teachers are extremely helpful and most of the students are very welcoming and friendly. The school provides students with numerous opportunities and the teachers and other staff members have only the students' best interests in mind.
I loved going to school at Peters Township. I always felt safe, and the teachers were really nice. There were so many programs available to me and I felt like the staff genuinely wanted me to succeed in life. I grew so much as a person at Peters Township.
Solid education. Great teachers for the most part. Teachers going on strike is a little disconcerting but the administration seems very experienced and involved.
One of the top high schools in the state that provides a high quality education from it's educators. I enjoyed all my classes but some of the rules were extremely strict with regards to technology use. But overall a very rewarding high school to attend.
Peters Township High School is a very good education, with most of the teaching staff being highly educated, kind people. For the most part, there is little major bullying or fights, and there are not too many problems within the school. The diversity is lacking, but this could be due to just where the school is located, not that diverse people are not allowed. One thing I would like changed is the school's focus on football, and only football. I'm glad they support the football team, but they tend to forget, and under fund, the other programs, such as the music department. If they could be more equal with their favoritism and funding, it would make for an even better high school experience.
Overall I can't complain about PTHS, they offer a wide range of AP and honors classes that I wouldn't have the opportunity to take at other high schools. The teachers, for the most part, are all very helpful at preparing you for AP test and college level courses. PTHS is one of the safest communities in western Pa, and it is one of the easiest to become involved in too.
Scheduling is all done through Power School and is super easy. It shows all your core class slots and you can then choose which one of the classes you wants, whether it be AP English or Academic, same goes with all electives. The curriculum is a bit faster paced at Peters than it is for the schools around us but it fits the students fairly well. We do get a lot of homework but that's because most students take multiple AP level courses.
Students at Peters are either involved in everything or not at all, but most seem to be finding a club where they fit in. The only peer pressure is to get good grades to keep up with everyone else and everyone is generally accepting of each other. We have very little racial diversity and that sometimes causes issues but not often.
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There are more than enough clubs at Peters Township for anyone to joins, and if you're not into that then there's plenty of sports as well. We encourage students to join everything they want to as well as make their own club if there seems to be interest in a new subject; we recently added a Dungeons and Dragons club. Clubs are run by students with the help of a teacher or staff partner and most are very relaxed about admission. It's great.
The teachers at Peters Township High School are range in teaching and organizations styles, while most of are science and math teachers prefer hands on learning, our social studies teachers like hand outs and powerpoints, and most of our english teachers like videos and powerpoints; although every teacher has their own style of how they present the work they are giving to us students. I've never had a teacher who wansn't consisten with their grading style or didn't let you know ahead of time how they were going to grade an assignment. Each teacher is incredibly friendly and willing to help students outside of class, some can be tricky to reach but most can be contacted early in the morning before school starts, or via email. The teachers are Peters are outstanding.
Many AP classes are offered here and there is a good chance that students can do well on tevAP test if they work hard in class.
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