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the school is well built its 2 stories but its well-centered, classes are not that far from each other and it's very well organized, Great teachers you can definitely go up and build a well friendly relationship, they are very opened mind and they of course really do care for their students future and lovely staff but the food needs a lot of improvements
Most kids asked about the school they are attending or attended will tell you that they dislike it and don't want to go to school. But i enjoyed my time at Johansen high school. I took AP classes which were challenging but it push me to have better time management. Most of the teachers I had were wonderful, they really care about their student and were reasonable and fair with their students. I played girls basketball all four years of high school, we didn't do too well and our football wasn't great either. as a school we didn't excel in sports. At sport events you don't see too many parents. At girls basketball games my parents were usually the only parents from Johansen sitting in the stand. Johansen offers a lot of different academies and clubs to be involved in. Overall it is a good school, it may not be the best but it was the best one for me.
Johansen has many teachers that are passionate about their students and what they teach, but most of these teachers are the AP teachers. Many of the common core teachers are not as enthusiastic about their classes and overall do not have enough patience for their students. The leadership class of this school is great. The students also lack spirit and love for their school. The college counselor is very helpful and care about each student's future.
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I loved Johansen through and through! There were a few fights during my Freshman and Sophomore years but after then, students in my grade straightened out since they knew they could no longer fight if they wanted to graduate. One teacher I was a teacher's aid for allowed me to leave the class to finish my FAFSA and ended up writing me down for a detention. When I reminded her she let me go to do my FAFSA, I wasn't cleared of the detention by the school even though she told them. So miscommunication there is an issue.
Its a very good school with great academies. There are very cool teachers there. Overall its wonderful and i can happily say that i will be graduating here at Joho.
If you participate in the right clubs, make friends with good people, and have fun, you will have a wonderful time here. 10/10 would attend again. Oh, and great spirit!
Within the walls of Johansen it has some of the best teachers in the state that care about your success, and want you to try out everything for you to succeed. As well as having branching pathways to suit your interests that can help you understand what you want to do later in life like the DATA pathway for example which one learns about broadcasting, computer programming, and video game design. The only thing that would make the school better would be it's safety, its not bad, but it doesn't set any new standards on safety either. All in all it's a great school to go to and it's worthwhile to go to.
The one thing that I enjoyed about my experience from Johansen High School was all of the clubs that the school had for the students to join, but I feel that the school did not do a very good job when it came to some of the teacher's ability to teach the students. Johansen can also improve by taking the matter of bullying more seriously.
I like the fun activities to Johansen, take full advantage of the college counselor! She really helps you prepare for college
My experience at Peter Johansen HIgh School was amazing . Being an involved student really creates a positive atmosphere at school. The lunchtime activities on Fridays create such great memories, some I will never forget!
Some of the staff are absolutely amazing and some aren't. The classes were overall okay but nothing incredibly spectacular. The math and science departments are great though ! I'd just like to see the history department improve.
The teachers care about the students learning and the staff keeps te students safe, it would be better if most of the students cared about their education and be respectful to the teachers
The environment at my school is phenomenal. Students are able to express their culture freely and there are different clubs on campus as well as being able to create a new one with just the minimum of 4 members. At our school rallies we show so much spirit as well as coming together as a school doing different activities at each rally and at the end just have music playing to dance during lunch.
Attending Johansen is an experience. The teachers are extremely helpful with preparing us for college. There are also many resources that are given to us to help us in the future. Some of the students that go there make our school have a ''bad'' reputation but it's nothing that can't be fixed. We also have many clubs and sports to join for after-school activities.
I really like the teachers, other schools I felt that the teachers didn't like their jobs and at this school I learn more because the teachers that i've had so far loved their job. What I would like to see change in the school is fixing it up a little bit.
At Peter Johansen High its a pretty good school. Our sports aren't the strongest but then we don't have as much kids attending our school. There is multiple clubs, our school spirit is amazing. Something I'd like to see change would probably be either the lunches so we have more of a selection, I'd also like to see more kids participate in sports to have them more involved with school and to better our sports program.
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It's fine so far, but it definitely is a workout getting to classes. The block schedule is a little confusing thought, but I think I'll get used to it.
Peter Johansen High School is a very diversed school. There are the mexicans, the whites, the asians, the blacks, etc. A lot of fights break out at this school and there is something going on everyday. Half the teachers here don't care about what you do and sometimes they don't even teach. You can get an easy A in a class without doing anything because the teachers simply don't care.
Students at Peter Johansen High School are all pretty well-known. Everybody gets along with everybody and students gather together for certain events such as lunch time activities or sports events. The teachers are very supportive and helpful, as well as the administration. Staff members typically try to say hello to students passing by and are always willing to help. The Leadership Program has helped me become less shy and has increased my love for being involved around campus. Overall I would choose to stay at Johansen if I were given the choice to go somewhere else because it feels the most like home to me.
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