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Peter Burnett Middle School Reviews

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It was a big change for me going to a completely new middle school with new students. Campus is big, but everyone was kind. I never had any problem with anyone and as every school that I've been to, each class level stayed with their class level. All the teacher had passion in teaching. I was given opportunities that I am grateful for having then, now. There were many programs, school events, and just having teachers that actually want to teach.
I didn't learn much at burnett because I was a pretty advanced kid but I guess for some people it was challenging.
At burnett there were always reports of a prisoner breaking out and around campus. I didn't feel very safe at burnett most times.
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There are very little extracurricular activities that I know of at burnett. I was involved in the music program and it's was okay but favoritism definetly matters in the music department, not talent or skill.
My overall experience at burnett was terrible. If I had to name it another word it would be cliche. There cliques and such there and bullying takes place a lot and is not handled. I made one good friend and that was about it.
My teacher were okay at burnett nothing special. Recently I've heard things about the teachers and I have to admit it's shocking. A teacher supposedly threw a stapler at a student and made them cry. I'm not sure but that's what I get told by my 13 year old sister.
Their is bullying but not any physical. Safety is alright everything is average sometimes the nurses didn't have band aids.
You can say that it is relatively the same as any other school; however, their is a limitation on school supplies and a narrow range of resources for the students of minorities.
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