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My experience at PHS has had its highs and lows. The teachers are mostly all happy to be there and enjoyable to be around. The counselors are always happy to help with their door open 24/7. Our athletics could use some work but the students still all come out to all the games, even away ones, to cheer the Trojans on. Overall, I have had many opportunities to grow and learn from the experiences that I have endured through my high school experience but I wouldn't change anything because it has shaped me into the person I am today.
Strong AP program, with high success rates. New facilities, such as, field and future swimming pool. Unpopular bell schedule among students, creates a difficult environment to get additional help from teachers.
the school didn't have enough diversity or culture. Some teachers were great but a majority didn't seem to like their job and they took it out on the students. they also did not seem well equipped in their teaching abilities. Also, I believe that the school almost encouraged the clique mentality that is already present. there were no clubs other than ASB student body and this was filled with students who just liked to party and bullied other students. I wish there were more opportunities for clubs and things to better my education and perspectives.
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The school is very perfect for those who want to learn. He has very good directors, wonderful counselors. But above all he has some very understanding teachers who help his students a lot.
From a student's perspective, Petaluma High School has good academics, caring, knowledgeable teachers, and a supportive staff. Although poor administrative actions left teachers unhappy, they continued to be attentive to students and overall composed.
My experience at Petalum High School was a positive one. With a variety of social groups, jocks, musicians, drama majors, and "hicks," I never experienced any one group being bullied. Overall, all groups coexisted and interacted in a positive way. I witnessed alcohol and drug activity. Since I did not do drugs, it was at times awkward to hang with friends. I played sports all four years. This was a positive experience.
I came to PHS with no friends and not really knowing where my life was going. Of course who does as an incoming freshmen. I began in sports which sparked some friendships. I didnt like how the school was treating me as far as teacher involvement. Theres either teachers who'll go to the moon and back for you or those who seem to be their for the paycheck. 3 years in I love coming to school cause there is alot of different groups to affiliate yourself with. I enjoy meeting others with different backgrounds and see how they react in society. The school has more to offer than a majority of schools could ever as far as classes and extracurricular activities. Id suggest it for those who are laid back and looking for a good time and a good education.
Petaluma High School overall is a good school. Many friendly, understanding teachers, the staff is just amazing. They all want to see you succeed and get through high school. The sports department is wonderful as well. You become very close with the team you decide to join, it really is as if they're a second family (personal experience from being on the wrestling team).
I liked everything, I really liked the culture, the academics were great compared to other schools in the area they really helped us apply for colleges and always helped us improve our academics. The parent involvement could be better and they could also do better to help the diversity, other than that it was good.
I attending PHS all four years of high school. It was a good experience for me.
I've made lots of friends and been involved in sports and FFA. My FFA experiences took allowed me to travel around the United States and I'm even going to Scotland in the fall with my Dairy Judging Team. Through FFA I've given back to the community, been involved in helping younger students learn about the importance of agriculture and met many people from around California. In addition to FFA, PHS has many other clubs. Everyone can find something to join and if you can't find exactly what you're looking for you can start your own club. The school believes that if you're involved doing what you love, your school experience will be a good one. The overall feel of the school is small town and friendly. The teachers are nice and most are helpful. I feel like they care about my success. It seems important to them that I do well. They've helped me feel ready for college.
Classes and acedemics prepared me well for college. I participated in sports and they were good. FFA is a very good organization at this school and was very beneficial to me.
While I attended petaluma high school (00-05) I had many personal issues going on, I will forever be great full for my counselor, mr. Fiori, she sadly passed away my sophomore year, but she was one the best thing about petaluma high, she helped me over come my obsticle's. I would not be who I am today without her advice. I also enjoined being a teacher assistant to the concealing office gale and Jackie pushed me every step of the way to be the best me I could be. Due to their constant support and advice I graduated with my class.
Great place to grow up. The school has fun assemblies and activities for students to engage in their school pride. Bullying is minimal here and young students express a wide variety of diversity in their style, culture, and interests. Sports games are big here and very fun to attend for the whole town. Walking distance to historic downtown Petaluma. Students receive a strong and personalized education here.
It is filled with a wonderful variety people who care and support one another. There are pathways that you can follow to allow yourself to move in the right direction for your future. Asb leadership is filled with great people who promote school spirit and make each student feel like they are a part of the trojan community. Even though we have a select few teachers that are genuinely amazing, I was throughly prepared for college with rigorous AP and honors courses. The sports at phs are entertaining and the fan group is very big in football and basketball. It is very easy to enjoy school and find the right group of friends.
its been so far the best high school ever. all the teachers and staffs are really helpful. Especially the teacher's i had helped understand and deepen my knowledge in all of my subjects
As a graduate of Petaluma High School I am proud to call myself a Trojan many of the teachers have welcoming personalities and are really helpful
Petaluma High School not only has common electives such as foreign languages, arts, band, choir, and wood shop, but many others as well. Medal Shop, offering NIMS Credentialing, Welding, Intro to Engineering, Architectural Design, Auto Shop, Computer Science, Principles of Engineering, Accounting, 3D Animation, and Wildlife Management are only some of electives offered. This allows students to have unique experiences in high school in preparation for College courses of relevance.

Petaluma High School also has a large selection of Honors and AP classes. Including those for: Math, English, History, Science, Foreign Language, Computer Science, and more.

Petaluma High School offers connections to SKills USA. Skills USA being an educationally competitive organization that allows students to experience jobs of the real life work field.

These are reasons why Petaluma High is a good school for me and has the opportunity to be for others too.
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My experience in at Petaluma High School was good in the way that it was uneventful. I had a lot of great teachers who I connected with, and a very solid friend group. One thing I would have liked to see change was the way the upper administration (i.e. Principal, Vice Principal, etc.) dealt with students. It often felt like important issues were dismissed or handled poorly to save the reputation of the school, rather than putting students first.
Their are variety of clubs to join their is probably something that interests everyone.
Some of my favorite experiences at this school were the football games. They were very fun and active.
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