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I love Petal High. The teachers are great, and the students are nice and sweet. They all treat you like family.
Petal High School has been an overall great experience for me through my high school years. The instruction has challenged me, and the teachers have been supportive in getting me college ready. Because I have been active in athletics and club organizations, I feel I have had the opportunity to become a well-rounded individual. I feel confident about making the transition into college and being successful.
Petal High is one of the best public high schools in Mississippi. If you want your child to have a good educational basis as well as have the ability to be in a safe, caring environment, send them here. The amount of extracurriculars to help the community and learn new skills is plentiful.
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There is no other high school like Petal High School. The teachers offer the best resources and knowledge to advance the students.
good place to learn not many fights and overall is a very clean school and safe. Teachers push every student as hard as they can to reach their goal
They really offer you a lot of opportunities to really try and figure yourself. Though it can be difficult sometime, it's worth it because they are just preparing you for life. The history and english departments, arts, and CTE classes are great.
I love the environment at Petal. The teachers are so engaged in your success and have always been approachable. They are a 5 star school and it shows in every aspect of campus life there.
Petal High School is an amazing school! We have a great administration, full of people who love the students and want the best for every individual student. The teaching staff is even better! It's high school, of course, which makes it hard for the teachers to tend to every student; however, each teachers does everything they can to give ever individual student the best learning experience they can have.
I absolutely love Petal High School. The teaching staff is incredibly helpful and try their best to prepare you for your college experience. I wouldn't have rather gone to any other high school for the last 4 years of my life other than Petal.
Petal High School ( PHS) is a wonderful school that helps embrace the inner being of students from all over . PHS is an interactive school that teaches students to grow and disperse into better and bigger things .
Do not have a problem with the education of the school this school is the reason we moved here. but If your child is not in the right click they are bullied and targeted. The school cares more about the dress code then stopping the bullies! I have loved most of the teachers however the principal is another issue! I like pretty much everything about Petal schools. The teachers are great and the students are held to a very high standard. The rules for the students are very strict. We moved here from a large northern city where it seemed like the students were running the schools. The only thing I do not like is the politics involved in the sports programs. There is a lot of favoritism for students from certain families. If you are new to the area unless you are a freakishly good player you ain't got much of a chance to play. Overall Petal is a very good school district and I'm glad we moved here.
The teachers and staff are wonderful! I was so shocked by the standard of excellence that the school upholds. The school has drama just like every other high school, but it’s not any worse so that’s good.
This is a great school to go to and be able to take many courses that will help out with your career choices but beware they are strict when it becomes to behavior and how you present yourself to others.
Petal teaches me a lot of helpful, and life learning lessons that will will help me in the future. I would definitely recommend Petal to others, and I think this is a great choice for students.
The district as a whole is outstanding. The faculty never fails to help a student out even if it means they have to stay an hour or two after school is out. Petal also pushes students to be their best because they know that all of us are capable of being great students.
Petal high school is like a well oiled machine. Everything runs smooth! Amazingly talented students, intelligent teachers, and understanding administrators. Our school is all about reaching goals. Although our student body is very involved, I’d love to see more clubs for those students who may not yet have a group to go to.
Petal high school is a good school however there are still some problems that need to be fixed but at the end of the day it is a great place for education
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Petal School District has received A ratings all of my High School years. The school district in Petal has taught me not only that hard work pays off, but that your attitude and life-long learning skills are essential to becoming a responsible citizen
I would like to see a major buff in the Science Department and more science teachers, as well as a lessened focus on extra curriculars and more focus on academics. Secondly, it would be nice if there were more AP classes and language classes available for students, and a wider range of teachers for those classes.
I loved the people, extracurricular's, and teachers at PHS. The counselors were very helpful when it came to selecting classes that helped me in completing my Mississippi Scholars requirements. The community service opportunities are everywhere and I, myself, have over 200 hours.
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