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I enjoyed the high capacity of learning available to the students. The teachers are very personable and are willing to help the students at any given time. What I would like to see change, is the way the administration deals with bullying.
Peshtigo High school has been the central location where a lot of my time has been spent to this point. Since the school has about four hundred students, most students know each other and can talk with one another. Although the spirit is fairly high, Peshtigo's facilities are not up to par. The school was built almost one hundred years ago, and it is starting to falter. In the warm months, the school is uncomfortably hot, and in winters the bone-chilling coldness is unacceptable. None of the gyms are close to ideal for supporting sporting events, either. The hallways are very narrow and crowded during the school day. During my time at Peshtigo, I have had plenty of fun and learned lots, but for future students, they deserve better accommodations available to them.
Peshtigo School system has been pretty great. My child has gone there kindergarten thru now, senior year. There have been just a couple "difficult " teachers; however my child isn't perfect either. Administration is nice to work with. New office staff this year is failing in personality.
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The opportunities for extracurricular activities at this school are very extensive. There is a large variety of the types of clubs a person can join. All of the clubs involve their students in their activities and help students learn new skills. These clubs offer students more opportunities to build their education and help them acquire jobs in the future.
I had a great experience at this school and I would recommend it to anyone. The sporting events, band and choir events, the school dances and activities are all amazing and fun-filled. What makes it all unique is that almost all of the students can enjoy each other's company and talk to one another. During these events everyone seems closer together than what a normal day would be.
The teachers at this school are very involved with their students. While attending this school, I always received help when I needed it. For example, during one of my semesters where I studied pre-calculus I could not achieve good grades on my homework. My teacher noticed this and immediately offered suggestions to help. I decided to study with my teacher early in the mornings and my grade consistently improved. I also had the same experience with my English teacher during my junior and senior years. In my English classes I wrote many papers. Almost every paper my teacher helped me fix sentence and grammar issues and overall made me a better writer. They all have an interest in their students and are willing to help them learn and become better.
I love my school because students can build a great relationship with teachers. The staff is really supportive of the students and they try their best to prepare us for everything that life might throw our way. Peshtigo High School is one of the few schools to have hardly any drug, and crime problems. Being a small school in a small town, I would certainly choose this school again if I could do it all over.
Small enough to care and has relatively decent activities for its size.
The armed forces and various schools, mostly cosmetic, have tables open during lunch
Teachers care and technology is improving by leaps and bounds
Much better than it used to be, but also smaller portions
There's cameras everywhere and teachers watching
They're all different, but good in their own way
The teachers are usually very helpful when the students need it.
The counselors are very involved and easy to talk to. They generally want to help and will do what they can in helping you decide what to do for post-graduation life.
The school has a great weight room and the instructors are very helpful. The school also has many athletic events that much of the community attends.
It's pretty good. One of the best around
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Not the best but not the worst
They're very caring and help everyone
I feel that for the location the school is, they are very safe.
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