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It is a nice, small community. Everybody knows everybody. It is almost as if it were a big family. The teachers really do push the students to do their best.
Pescadero High Scool has the best teachers any student could ask for. The students themselves are also great, everyone knows one-another because of the small town of which we live in.
I love Pescadero High School, it is a small school where students get to form great connections with the teachers and are sure to receive help from teachers whenever they ask for it.
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Pescadero has had bad principals because they don't find the form to connect with the students. For an exception for some. We resently changed principals and she was the elementary school principal and middle school English teacher so she knows many of the students and listens to more issues. She changed this the cell phone policy from no cell phones being able to be used to cells phones can only be used during lunch time. Many students were happy which made students believe that they could be listened to, finally! Some staff workers aren't really there for all the students like our student counselor which knows a lot about college prep and other things but the issue is that she favors certain students which is bad because many students need the information.
I would say that the food is okay. There isn't many options for what to eat during lunch. Many times the students complain because they say it isn't tasty but I would say that dome food is good. For example the pizza, the pastas and some soups are okay. The problem I think is that there are not options on what to eat and many student s don't like that. There are no snacks provided for the students.
Due to the school being super small. The Athletic opportunities are very high, no try-outs required. It is always a hassle to try and bring a team together. Most of the time it is always the same group of students who are playing every sport. The coaches are good, but we could have better. The dedication that the students have for sports is very poor. We go have fitness programs after and before school which is nice.
The School administration does an excellent job at keeping the school with a positive atmosphere. The principle does a great job is always being there when she is needed. I would have the guidance counselor be at school for a whole day every day of the week. Pescadero is a very peaceful school were very few policies are needed. The only policy that students don't agree with are the "gang" related colors. Not being allowed to wear a slight of blue or red without going to the office is absurd.
The academics I believe are some what poor yet mostly average. We meet the requirements to attend a university but yet we lack when it comes to electives. The only choices we have as electives are Art, Spanish, and P.E. Being a small school the teachers have a better student to teacher ratio, but the school schedule its self is overwhelming. Going to school having four classes a day that are one hour and a half is overwhelming for the students. Having to meet the graduation requirements and university requirements is difficult to have a choice on the classes a student wants. There for we have no say in what we are interested in learning.
The school, just like the rest of the town has very few organizations, but there is always a place to do community service here or be part of a youth leading organization like the South Coast Prevention Partnership, and prove drug an alcohol awareness. If anyone wants to develop a group or a club, then they can, and there are many people willing to help.
The food at Pescadero is great. Ever since the school was expected to give out only healthy food has been wonderful. Salads every mean, with fruit. The only thing that should be changed is the drinks. Milk during lunch is not to appetizing.
The school buildings could use some paint jobs, but over all the decorations of the school makes the outside look good. The school should work on getting water fountains for the students. The education given at Pescadero High is amazing, but more college prep resources and tutoring should be given to the students. As well as trying to get more parents involved with the school and the work that is being done by the students.
Although Pescadero High is very small and we are in a place known as the middle of no where. I am proud to be a Pescadero Viking. This is the place to meet your best friend, and the most unique teachers. I love my school, and the feeling of being at home outside my home. Being at school with friends feels like an ever day family reunion.
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