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I like having all these different sports and having musical stuff. My experience hasn't been the best at Peru, I have been bullied, used, backstabbed and abandoned and because of that I have had Social Anxiety and depression. I have became anti Social because of what I have been through. I am a sensitive person and I have been through a lot at Peru and most of the kids there are selfish,heartless and mean. I have been through a lot and most people with what I have been through might not have came out of it all alive. I got lucky to be different and to fight even when having mental breakdowns and letting what the other kids thought of me affect how I thought of me. Things are finally starting to get better for me I have a loving boyfriend who has been through a lot as well and has social anxiety and depression as well. I no longer let what the other kids think of me affect how I think of myself, I know love myself and learned to just be myself, I am finally happy
I like that it is a great surrounding and culture for my sports background throughout my life. The struggles I have faced through school so far have helped me overcome things in school and in sports as well.
Peru Jr./Sr. High School has some of the most involved and supportive teachers, however the administration seems to be more concerned with implementing disciplinary actions than knowing the students. There's often more to why the student wasn't on time for class, or in a location that wasn't stated on their pass. The administration never seems to dig deeper, or care to listen, especially if that student is female. Unlike the administration, the teachers at Peru are indescribably caring and selfless. A few teachers in particular have helped me every step of the way and have been there for me for years. These teachers made my high school career remarkable and I couldn't imagine not having a close relationship with them.
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Peru High School is like any other school. There are many factors that should be changed and some that should be kept. The sports are competitive and are supported by the school. The administration makes rules that are many times not followed by anybody. On the other hand, all the students are kind and accepting of each other.
The best thing about Peru Central High School are the motivating teachers. They help the students do their best by putting their time in after school, going out of their way to support hard workers, and dedicating their time to help create the best learning experience for their students. Often times the teacher checks in with the class as a whole in order to see if everyone is reaching their full potential. This creates an environment where changes can be made to better learning experiences. While classes may be very independent / self-taught, the teacher is always there if you come in during your own time. If you put the effort in they do the same for you. This always students to excel in all areas of study. Although Peru Central School is lacking in some areas like diversity and food, it can be overlooked by the amazing work of the teachers.
Overall. It was a good school to attend. Sometimes they make decisions for everyone involved, that puzzles the mind. They don't always look at, or try to look at every angle of a subject before diving head first into a longterm decision. Although, they do have a wide range of classes, and extracurricular activities the students can delve into to explore what they are interested in moving forward. It would be preferred if the all of administrators treated each as equals, and provided more support for each moving forward. A great majority of teachers at Peru are wonderful at their job and care for the students. They are great for helping students develop as people. In the later years, Peru has some fantastic staff which help a person move on into their next step in life, college, military, or work. Finally, pack a lunch if possible.
I love and appreciate all the things my school has done for me; but, being a student in enrolled in the hardest courses I feel it is unreasonable not to weight AP classes. Many of my friends' ranks are lower than the ranks of people who took the easy path in school and I find that unreasonable. I have recently become aware that gym is not required throughout all of High School in New York State. Gym is meant to keep students somewhat fit and healthy giving them physical activity. I believe gym is unnecessary for a year round athlete. These students are already pushing themselves and spend much of their time involved in activity. Gym class, for these students, should be replaced with study hall or another class so they can actually make something of their time not already spent on athletics. My school is not willing to change and mend to this so it still requires it, even though it is unnecessary.
Decent student to teacher ratio
I enjoy participating in a great football program, and some really good clubs, but overall the school can use improvement.
and then Brimstein showed up.
Many parents of children at the school went to this school themselves. This creates a sense of an "in group" that can be intimidating to the "outsiders" and their children. Overall, the classes and teachers are excellent!
I would choose this school because we don't have huge cliques, the teachers are very involved and welcoming, and the students overall are nice and get along with eachother.
For how much we pay, i feel like we do not get enough. Many kids do not like the sides offered, are forced to get a fruit, and end up paying almost $3 for just like a grilled cheese or something.
Senior privileges are gone. The dress code has gotten ridiculous, and it seems like they will go out of the way to get students in trouble. Also, a LOT of favoritism comes into play with who gets in trouble for breaking the rules.
We need a new weight room. So many kids like to use it, but everything is old and always broken. I did cheerleading throughout all of high school. We were wearing old uniforms from 10+ years ago, and many did not fit the girls on the team now. My senior year were finally got new ones, but only half the team got them. The new girls for the most part didn't, and anymore uniforms we need we have to buy ourselves. We also have no pompoms since the ones we have are old, crumpled, and we do not have enough for everyone. Our football field, track, and locker room are awesome.
Throughout high school, i have had a few bad teachers. However, i have been lucky enough to have amazing teachers for my senior year. Mrs. Miller is one of the best teachers i have ever had. She has us all working on computers everyday, there is almost no paper work. Also, she uses the "flip the classroom" technique. She is definitely the most organized, approachable, and honorable teacher i have ever had. Mrs. Rock goes above and beyond to get her students involved and help them succeed. Both of these teachers have made a huge impact on my life.
There is definitely something for everyone at Peru. Also, it isn't like what we have for a club is set in stone. They add new ones every year. A recently added club is the bible club. Another would be FBLA, which is becoming rather popular. The commitment for each club varies, some you can show up to a few times a year while others you have to come to monthly or even weekly. I believe that FBLA is the most fun club because we reach out into the community, make new friends, and gain leadership skills and experience.
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I do not know of another school around here who loves their sports more than us.
I don't complain because I will eat anything but the food is satisfactory
the teachers make sure to put in thorough teaching and make sure the students know the lectures
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