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My experience so far with Peru High School has been overall very well. I enjoy the opportunities given for certain subjects taught here. We have a wonderful staff here, all of them are very generous and kind. And our art programs are pretty awesome too!
Peru High School is a very professional school, along with the Peru Schools Corporation. The teachers are very motivating, and looks out for our future. We are very big on school and sport spirit. The teachers and principals also try their absolute best to make school enjoyable, but also at the same time keep us concentrated on the most important things. I would have not been able to get as far as I have in my high school career without all the staff members at Peru. I am very thankful to have such supportive and helpful teachers in my life.
Peru High School is overall a decent and friendly school. It does not stand out very much from other schools, but what makes it unique is how committed some of the people are. Some of the teachers are committed to making sure you are invested in learning, and many students are committed to sports and other activities. I am glad to have spent my experience here, and I feel pretty prepared to head off to College.
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Peru High School was an amazing experience. I have learned much from my time being here. My favorite part was many of the teachers. The only annoying thing was the lack of elective classes.
Peru High School is a very well established school full of many great teachers and staff members. Every teacher has their own unique ways of teaching all kinds of students. It has a student population of approximately 650 kids which makes it easier for everyone to get to know one another.
When I was in high school, I enjoyed that we had a tremendous support system from the staff. They made sure that we were not behind in classes, and kept our school at an A ranking High School. Everyone was very close and I think that made a very big impact on a lot of people's lives while in high school. No one came in stressed out or worried because everyone made it feel like home. Limiting some of the standard test we had to take would be one thing that I would like to see change. It just made school more complicated to think about taking more test than we had to. I would also like to see change the long class periods. We had five classes and we were in each class for 70 minutes. A lot of people couldn't handle sitting for a long period of time.
Our teachers are helpful and always open to talk.
the school nurse could be in the high school for more than one day a week.
i love being in cheerblock. i also love being a baseball manager for the peru baseball program (boys)
most parents are go with the flow type of parents here
the teachers at peru high school work well with all of the students in trying to make the students become a better person all together
Our school is a very safe place to be. We always have an officer on duty at our school. The school nurse is alright. She is the nurse at both our school and at the Jr. High school.
I like the extracurricular opportunities at my school because the teachers who are in charge of that activity actually care about that subject and the students in the activity.
The school overall is decent. Much of the school's fund go toward athletics instead of other programs such as art or music. However, they do offer a good amount of clubs to become involved in.
Almost all the teachers at Peru High School are kind, caring, and compassionate. The would go out of their way any day to make sure a student is doing well. They take pride in their job and are incredible teachers.
my parents want me to graduate like all parents do.
The teachers help you as much as you apply your self.
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Peru has an armed SRO that is there everyday with a bullit proof vest and he helps out by keeping people out of the halls and stopping any fights that may occur. Bullying isn't a huge issue but when it is we can talk to a teacher or administrater and we don't have to worry much. The staff at Peru have also went through safty training on proper ways to control "out of control" situation and they are certified on ways to restrain students if need be. Students and staff at Peru are very safe we have safty drills and we keep our doors looked and shut at all times. Peru also has security cameras in the parking lot and all throughout our school! I feel very safe I have nothing major to worry about.
If Peru does not already offer the club if you take the idea to a teacher and get them on board to the idea then the principal can approve it and the then the club because comes more than just an idea. Most clubs if you sign up they expect you to show up and play your part! The most popular clubs are art club, drama club, cooking club, student council, and Science Olympia. Administrators are typically more involved in sports, but student council is a big one they pay attention to. Administrators do typically congratulate any club or sport on any accomplishment made. Our school gets involved and that's what makes each club work so well.
I would most definitely attend Peru again if I had to. Many of my fun experiences have happened in high school. Some fun experiences for me were field day, prom, homecoming week, student appreciation week, and we have pep rally's throughout the year. Peru also has speakers come in to the school and talk or put on a show to help with getting points a crossed. Every experience I have had in school is very rememberable.
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