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Perth Amboy has many great clubs the diversity is amazing. It offers a great dual enrollment college course with rutgers for any student being interested in the medical field.
Perth Amboy high school was very diverse it allowed many different people to interact with each other
I'm starting my senior year in September, I've been attending this high school for my entire high school experience. There are many opportunities in it, you just have to look for them. The classes are good, most of the teachers are nice and care for your grades, there are assemblies every marking period in which certificates are given to students who got A's and B's in the marking period. Overall, the school gives many opportunities and is really great, I wouldn't want to go to any other school to finish my senior year.
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I've been attending Perth Amboy High school since freshman year and throughout freshman year i've seen a lot of changes through staff and the school overall. I participated in school activities and it isn't like many of the other schools. This school has a lot of diversity which makes it easy to interact and engage with one another. This school has received a lot of bad reviews but it honestly isn't a bad school and if a student is the type to not get manipulated by other students they would succeed and enjoy high school. I think one of the things that i would change is the way teachers and guidance counselors reach for students and try to get them motivated or push them to push their boundaries and join things and prepare for college. I feel like the problem a lot of students have is struggling to apply to college and they need help but they don't get the enough help from staff members in which they would sit down and talk to them and make a plan.
With my experience, the teachers are really helpful and want to see their students succeed. The administration can do better to improve the school environment.
Perth Amboy High School is rich within Latino culture but not very diverse. The school is very overcrowded and students are not properly controlled. Administration is unreasonable and weak. Students are not properly punished and or rewarded. School events should also be promoted way more to spread the word. As for dress down days, students should be given more opportunities to dress freely.
I liked how, although Perth Amboy isn't filled with all the brightest students, our school had so much school pride. Our school is filled with so many talented kids, starting from dancers to artists, and there is a sense of a true family connection.
Perth Amboy High School had great counselors that aided me in my college and scholarship process. Many teachers really care about their students and what they teach.
It's actually my first year in the main campus of our school. For the whole 8 months I have been attending this school, I realized the gym teachers room is in poor condition comparing to regular classrooms. Although, as a student it doesn't really affect me whether the gym teachers have a better office. I think it would help them discuss their next class for us in a cleaner office.
PAHS is made up of many talented kids but is also made up of many kids who aren’t interested or discouraged to push themselves to be good students. There are some amazing teachers but also some teachers who just show up to get paid. The activities available are cool but there isn’t as much student involvement as in other school and very little funding for them. Administration isn’t the best but it also could be worse. Uniform is enforced strictly for certain students and for others they’re allowed to use whatever they desire with no punishment.
Average college, i like the new classes they are adding like forensic class and dance class. its great to see it evolving each year. I wish to see counselors be more helpful with students helping them to see what are their interests are to pick a career and helping them to see the importance of their future is.
Thoughout last couple of years, Perth Amboy High School has been the place where I've learned to do what's right instead of what's easy. Further, due to vicarious learning; I have a notion and realize how to behave, study, and survive without experiencing any of the consequences a bad habit might provoke. At Amboy High, the teacher I have taken classes with, always look out for you and try to enhance your proficiency level. In the other hand, I will like to see a change in what is the school's spirit, making a family friendly environment, self appreciating from the students and being able to produce in the community.
I've attended Perth Amboy Public Schools since Pre-K, so I am biased when it comes to my view of PAHS. This school has gotten a bad rap because of its below-average graduation rate, school fights, and poor grades. Despite this, PAHS is a great school; it offers many activities and clubs, from community service opportunities to advocacy groups, sports like wrestling football, and soccer, which are improving by the year, and a plethora of brilliant teachers who offer all kinds of courses — from AP to Honors. The truth is that if you want to accomplish something in high school, this school will help you do just that, but if you want to fail in high school, you'll see that failing is just as easy. The school can definitely use some improvement. For instance, there's a massive disconnect between the students and the administration, but there's no such thing as a perfect school, and PAHS is great for what it's worth.
Perth Amboy High was very connected. Everyone always made you feel welcomed and it was super easy to make new friends. Teachers were always willing to help you out if you needed extra help in certain courses and they made the classroom environment fun enough to help students learn easier. I loved that school.
My name is Anibelka Sanchez, and I'm studying at Perth Amboy High School. This school for me is like my second home since it treats all students in the best way with teachers and an excellent work team. I am very proud to be a student of this wonderful high school. I am also very proud of myself because even though I do not have much time in this country, I have the motivation to continue studying to have a better future. Although the one who helped me to think like that was the wonderful High School since this school gives us a lot of motivation to all the students. For this reason this school is very important for me, since it makes all students think about a better future.
It’s a high school, where anything can happen once you achieve your goals. You start from very little and as you go grade by grade you grow to the best you can be.
I love my school because we have some great teachers and we get offered a lot of great opportunities. We also get a lot of help before, during, and after school.
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PAHS is a good school with well trained students as well as well mannered students. During the past few years, the graduation rate of the school have increased substantially and I believe the school is going to be in greater heights and students will also aim higher for bigger and better opportunities in life. Teachers are always there to help and what I love most about the school is the After school learning center which is for free! Not many schools have this so I believe Perth Amboy High is a good school and we will always strive higher.
While the school had some teachers that cared; most of the attention was focused on the "honors" and "advanced placement" students that already have the self-motivation to succeed
About P.A. High School I personally liked the way you are treated when you are a new student and everyone offers to help you but, I don't appreciate that months later everyone assumes that you know every event that is happening in the School or where to find all the teachers during classes. I will like to see change in the school's food due to the fact that most of it is fast food.
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