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What I enjoyed about Perspectives Charter Schools is the outstanding number of opportunities that I was given such as after school programs, leadership team, student ambassadors, emcee for our annual fundraising gala and much more .
Perspectives IIT/Math and Science Academy is a school associated with local college Illinois Institute of Technology. The school isn't very diverse made up of dominantly African American students, however the teachers that are hired are brought in with excellent teaching skills readily available to prep students for college.
Perspectives Leadership Academy is a great school! This school has provided me with so many oppurtunities that many people are not offered. This school is all about college and college readiness.
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Perspective is a wonderful charter school. I graduated June 2018. I really enjoyed my entire 4yrs there. I highly recommend this school for all incoming freshmens.
This school really prepares you for college in the best way. There are 26 principles that each student must live by and it helps us build characteristics to take into college when we graduate high school.
My experience at perspective charter school was very intriguing. Perspectives teaches college readiness and academics, yet they also give us real world problems. One of there motto is to live “A discipline life “ to shorten it up is ADL with living a discipline life we have 26 principles to live by it. One of the very few that stuck by me is always love your self and determine perseverance. No matter what issue or situation you are going through in life always persevere and to have faith that you will get through whatever challenges you are facing. Loving you one self come with it, you can not allow ones opinion to break you away from one dreams. So as Perspective has its up and downs they taught a lot of valuable lesson for adult life.
It's very diverse and a wonderful and dedicated staff! I have been here for over 4 years and still holds a piece in my heart
I like the teachers at Perspectives. They are affable, helpful, and very knowledgeable. At Perspectives Tech there are not many opportunities readily available nor given to students.
I've been here for 6th grade and I've grown accustomed to everything here which isn't too bad . A lot has changed a lot through out the years, like the teachers and students but overall it's a family oriented school that looks out for you . It's a home away from home
I have been going to Joslin PCS since i was in 6th grade. It has been really hard at times and really easy going. I am happy that i got to stay in the same school for so long. The teachers are so helping and i made really great friends.
Perspectives is an okay school that gives great education but, Its unorganized and needs to change with that because they put a lot of pressure on students by giving them a lot of work to complete in a short amount of time.
This school is horrible,they treat the kids so badly,one time a teacher hit a student in their stomach they fed the kids horrible be fightings everyday they are so mean to them they would yelling call them out their names n all that.
Perspective is a terrible school to put your kids in because they focus more on things that doesn't matter even if your a honors student that never gets in trouble and stay focused. The things they teach aren't really challenging so you get bored don't learn much also this school doesn't get you ready for college as much as they say they do they do not do so
My experience at Perspectives Charter School was great. By learning the 26 principals they help you go further in your everyday life.
I can honestly say I love perspectives. I started there when I was in sixth grade. I have been there since then. I left my freshman year of high school and then I came back my sophomore year and I will be graduating from there in May 2018. Perspectives has a family feel about it that is picked up on when you forst walk through the doors. In the front office there is always someone there to help you as best as they can. Even the teachers are friendly. I can personally say that I never had a teacher who did not care about me or did not do the beat they could every day. The teachers love their jobs and the students and it is obvious. Through the several years I have been at Perspectives I have had so many opportunities. My school started a peace movement when I was in sixth grade and it has only gotten bigger every year from there.
I really appreciate this school and what it has provided for me i feel its the perfect place for students to attend if they really want to attend college and needs a helping hand.
I have been at Perspectives since I was in 6th grade and will graduate from high school from there. In the beginning of attending Perspectives while I was in middle school it was a nice experience with wonderful teachers and staff. But my freshman year of high school was completely different because there was a new principal and new teachers so the environment felt completely different. During my four years in high school I have experience racism and harassment from both teachers and students. My parents were very vocal about the issues I was facing and with every incident there was little progress made. So I do not recommend anyone to send their child to Perspectives.
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Perspectives joslon is a very nice filled with great people. One thing I love about perspectives is that the lunchroom is the family. I like that the teacher are very nice they really do can. Something I would like to change is the students, different races would be great.
The curriculum is different, the teacher can help you and want to help you and they give you principles for you to practice self discipline and it can help you for college success.
I’ve been going here since 7th grade and I am now a junior and I have seen alot of change from principles begging to attempt to build a relationship with as many students as possible.I have see a little downfall in math I haven’t been learning math sunce sophomore year have had 6 math teachers so far .
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