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Person High is an okay school, but the education received is average. Being the only public school in the county the school is very diverse which is very good. But
I got a good foundational education at Person. My children graduated from Person, My grandchildren, nieces, nephews, are now attending. I retired from teaching at Person after 30 years. I coached cheerleaders at Person. My son played football, wrestled, and threw the shot put in track at Person. I go back to sub at Person. Person High School is the place to be!
I enjoyed how diverse it was. I enjoyed the different groups of people and functions that they had. The sports teams were friendly when trying out. The bad members supported one another. The teachers were easy to work with. I would like to see the food become better.
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I am a senior at Person High School. In the four years that I have attended this school I have been able to expand my knowledge with great teachers for my core classes. And the teachers for my elective classes have been outstanding and very knowledgeable about the subjects they were teaching. They also provided a lot hands on approach for learning. I have not had any safety issues while attending Person High. I feel very safe at school. I feel the teachers have prepared me for college. The administrative staff have been very helpful when I have had questions regarding everything from printing previous years report cards to be very helpful in selecting and applying to college.
Very secured with caring teachers and law enforcement. We had regular safety drills. Administration and teachers are encouraging and don't give up on any student.
Person High School is a decent school, most teachers there care about the students and how they preform and want them to get ahead in their lifes. The one major aspect of this school I would change is more funding towards CTE programs mainly agriculture programs.
After carefully reviewing this establishment, I have come up with a careful conclusion. I've done a good amount of research to come to this review, dedicating my days to figuring out this school, and I do believe that I have it figured out. THEY DIFFERENT
I like that my best friend was with me. I think they should check up on kids more often. Things happen that are unseen.
What I like about Person High School is that they try to make the best learning environment for all of their students.
I have loved my 4 years at Person High School, while there are definitely things that could use improvement, I have formed teacher-student relationships that have made my experience wonderful.
As of 2017, there are no academic clubs -- debate, math, science, tech, quiz bowl, etc -- at Person, except for maybe the book club. Person High also is not very clean, evidenced by the many cockroaches in classrooms -- though this is pretty standard for a high school. The teaching staff ranges from the very best you can find (particularly in the history and foreign language departments) to those who have either given up on or have trouble controlling their classrooms or effectively teaching, so it is difficult to rate them as a whole.
Person High School has been a great place to meet new people and make new friends and is very diverse in ethnicity and cultures. It is not the cleanest school and sometimes there are fights but overall my experience has been exceptional.
My experience at Person High School has been interesting for sure. It's been fun and I'm looking forward to continue learning here with my friends.
Person High school is a great school. They have wonderful teachers and i have met many hard working students. Although they are strict on dress code, Person high should continue the positive environment and safety for students.
The dres code was terrible. The administration was entirely too strict especially when it came to bringing in outside food.
My Overall experience at Person High School was really good. I have learned so much and over came so many things within my days of attending Person High School. You become more independent, things are no longer handed to you. You must earn everything. You are going to struggle, have trouble, have good times and bad times, but at Person High there is always someone to help and listen.
My experience was alright. I did play sports there, but I wish they worked harder with the students so they can go to college. But overall it's a good school.
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I have attended PHS for 4 years and participated in sports each year. I have enjoyed my time at this school. There is a wide variety of classes including Honors and AP. My teachers have been great and are always willing to help when needed, especially with college and scholarship applications.
Person High School is a very diverse school. The counselors are great in supporting the students and getting them ready for college. Most of the teachers are great. There are many different clubs and activities to choose from. You can take classes at the local community college or take online classes. They offer AP and Honor classes. This school has helped my child prepare for college and he is excited about it.
I honestly have to say that Person High School has been a very good experience for me. They offer a range of Honor Classes and AP courses that students can take advantage of and I took full advantage of these opportunities. PHS also is connected with Piedmont Community College where we can also take college courses. I have always been challenged at PHS in academics and I feel like I am ready for college. I've never felt unsafe at school, I feel like the administration and teachers do very well to help control outbreaks. Overall, I've had a very good experience.
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