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Pershing Middle School Reviews

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I went to Pershing for three years. It was an amazing experience with a lot of academic opportunities. There was a large range of classes available to the students. There was an amazing staff and they did a great job catering to every student. Wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.
Pershing was a very good experience for me. All the different activities I participated in really gave me an opportunity to further explore my interests and hobbies. The teachers are very nice especially Mr. Henderson who was my favorite teacher. The school is very diverse and gives you the ability to meet people from all different walks of life. Unfortunately, my high school is nothing like a real one and did not allow me to have these same experiences. For anyone who will go to a traditional high school, it will prepare you for all the different activities and life experiences that come with maturing from a young teenager to a young adult.
I had a good experience with Pershing Middle School because they have good teachers excellent sport teams. I would like to see a more diverse amount of students and more electives.
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There are come very good teachers are there but the majority of them no longer work there. Also the majority of students have no desire to be there and disturb the other students and have many fights.
Well organized school with helpful and supportive staff. With multiple fine art departments in the school, it attracted variety of students to the school making it a unique campus. In addition with the rigorous methods taught at the school it made you feel prepared for your high school career. I personally would recommend and choose this school again due to the fact that the teachers were always making you stay active in class by using unorthodox methods to teach you
I enjoyed the school overall. I had some great and some terrible teachers. I feel like overall I had an okay middle school experience.
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