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The best thing that I liked about Pershing is that everyone was treated like family. From the staff to the students, there was much fun along with discipline and work. The thing that Pershing needs to improve most in would be the recruition of more teachers and student. Also, the involvement of students.
Great school with great teachers. They take the time out to explain and teach all students. They have a great athletic program with dedicated coaches. They want everyone to succeed and excel.
I had an awesome time at Pershing High School. I was on the volleyball and tennis team, we was all city champs 7 years in a row in tennis. I also attend v-tech so that I could learn a trade while in school. Pershing has many opportunities available we just had to take advantage of them.
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What I like ar Pershing is that the teachers are willing to help and will help you when you need it . What I would like to see different is the environment .
In 9th grade, I thought Pershing was a good school. They had some good programs like Orchestra, Dance, Band, and Art and since I'm an art person, it helped me a lot for my career. However, once I reached 10th-12th, they started to cut a lot of programs for creative students. I manage to graduate with no issues but it would've been nice to have an art class for all 4 years.
Pershing High School is very great ! All of the teachers are great and very caring . They make sure the Seniors are on their grind for success . Our basketball team very great , and brings more and more pride
The school has very little electives.
At my school the teachers are great. They do their best to teach us students. They even stay after school for tutoring help. The teachers are very helpful if the students let them be. They even make notes for us .They do their best to make assignments flexible for us students to learn and actually understand.
my overall experience at this school is okay. It can also be better.
The overall experience has been frustrating.
One of the worst schools I have been to but has potential to get better with work and dedication. There are very few programs and no advance classes.
Teachers push us to do our best. We get help when it's needed. Our schedules are made for the classes we need, and they have credit recovery for people who needs it.
I don't have much to say about this. Our school is very safe, we have officers and security guards. We come threw metal detectors every morning.
Students have athletic choices between volleyball, basketball, softball, track, robotics, cheer, and baseball. Other things offered are band, choir, chess club, majorette, and tutoring. Our school offer administration support, and lunch-room support.
My greatest experiences here was making some really great friends, who share some of the same goals as me. Its was also having teachers, such as my ELA teacher, push me to do better. If I could do it again, I would pick the same school.
Most of my teachers are very energetic. They love to get involved in student activities, and they greatly support us. Some teachers even support us by wearing the JROTC uniforms when we have to wear them. We might not have the greatest school, but we do have great people and intelligence here.
Pershing High School Is Okay But The Staff Can Be Better Organized & The Students Attitudes Can Be Better Than What They Are.
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The school has great teachers and friendly staff.I would go back because I miss going there with the good vibes they have. I wouldn't go back though because there was lack of teachers in many subjects that is required for graduation. Which causes the students to not learn everything they need to in oder to graduate.
They have computers for us.
Teacher try to challenge us in our education.
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