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Pershing County High School Reviews

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I love my school we all get along together in some way! School activities are the best! The school has such a good bond! We are very good at our sports especially football!
I liked that the teachers were always there to help students out. All the activities that the school planned are always fun and exciting! There is never a bad day in that school.
My experience at Persian county high school Is very well so far teachers always helping students. We live in a small town so teacher get more one one time with students and teachers are always willing to help . One thing I would like to change is having more classes like foreign language classes or home Ec classes . But otherwise the sports and activities welcome anyone in a very good. Our principal and teachers are always making sure students are safe and having fun . Classes are very well and easy to understand because of teachers.
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My experience at Pershing County High School was fair. I've been attending the high school for two years now and it is not like most schools. The school is not similar to other schools because it has a small variety of options such as classes and resources. Although the school has a limited variety of choices, the teachers are not only good teachers but they are also caring. They will go above and beyond for the children . The school also prepares the children for college by taking a class called "Ready 101" it is only available to seniors but, it is very useful. My time at Pershing County was overall a good experience.
The teachers always know all of their students since it is a small town so you can always ask for help to the teachers.
At this school I have been taught many things. Of course I have been taught the education I need to further my education but I also learned many important self values and morals. PCHS has taught me how to me a team player and have integrity. I've learned how to be selfless with my actions and with others.
I love the small home time filling. All the teaches are very helpful. There is always someone there to help you when you need it.
I like the small school vibe. It is easier to get one-on-one help from teachers and as a school we are all very close.
The faculty is always available to help. The teachers are friendly and approachable. The classes are all adequate and educational.
My experience at Pershing County was unbelievable. The high school taught me so many things. It got me college ready. Made new friends and great relationships with the teachers.
Pershing County High School is a great place to get a high school education. The teachers are very involved with the students, they go above and beyond to make sure the students can achieve their academic potential.
I have gone to the Pershing County High School for all 4 of my high school years now and I wouldn't think of going to any other school even if I had the choice. I like it here because you can get a sense of the community that's unbelievable whether it's going to watch and support our sports teams play or watching the annual choir and band concerts. Everyone is so accepting of each other no matter what your background is. And when it comes down to it we all stick together during the hardships that our town faces. The ending of my junior year my parents deciding on whether or not we should move but I told them I wouldn't want to move to any other school whether they be better than ours or not because going to Pershing County High School it isn't just a regular School experience that you can just throw away, it's years and years of memories have made with every single person in that school that I wouldn't leave behind.
Some subjects are better then others. Due to the teachers.
The facilities are alright. They have what you usually need.
The school is very big about sports. Other things not so much.
The school administration is okay. There not very helpful.
This school is not the best.
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This school in some ways prepared me for college. Most of all though, I don't really feel it did. Not all of the classes are good and there are not many extra classes available.
All of the sports teams are amazing. They push themselves to do their best, along with the coaches. The town is always at the games with tons of spirit.
Our school is home to two gyms, a weight room, a soccer field, football field, track field, softball field, and baseball field. I personally find this to be an impressive list for a school of our small size. Not all of the students are involved in fitness activities, but the personal fitness classes and courses in physical edcuation are generally pretty effective.
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