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Perryville Senior High School Reviews

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The diversity of the student body is very good. I would like to see the change of having more sport opportunities. The teachers are excellent and are making the students ready for college.
This school did not fully prepare me for college. It also got rid of all of the good teachers just because they fought against the new changes. They fired teachers that wanted more for the students. I do not miss this school at all.
Perryville Senior High School was where I started and finished school. I love the environment, staff, students, and education involved at this particular school. They have a wonderful facility, the only thing I would recommend fixing or changing would be the bathrooms in the high school, they need a major upgrade.
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The main thing is that, like most other high schools, they focus on preparing you for tests like the ACT, and what they think you will need for college classes. Instead, they should be doing more to prepare young adults for life beyond the classroom.
I really enjoy Perryville High School it is a good learning environment you enjoy good time with your friends and the teachers are always willing to help. I would to see a couple changes to our facilities the bathrooms need updated they are pretty run down and need to plumbing. I would like to see some of the sport facilities get updates so we aren’t behind other schools. But overall this is a nice school with a good learning environment with lots of enjoyable people to be around.
we can't even afford bathroom doors that lock. our teachers are not properly trained. our school lunches are a grade above not edible. and over all the building and district is falling apart at the seams.
I grew up in perryville so I was very connected with the people there. While I was in high school we had some administrators that I did not agree with which took away from my high school experience.
I spent all 12 years at Perryville School District 32 & they offer many varieties of classes especially in High School through the career center. I got my start in animal anatomy through the FFA program & Ag classes that will help me in my journey through Veterinary Tech school.
One thing I would change is the amount of snow days they use. It doesn't take much more than a snow forecast & they are cancelling school. It just seems a bit excessive at times.
The teachers there are pretty cool, the things being taught are pretty cool, the clubs there are pretty cool, and the people there are pretty cool, except when they aren't cool. The environment there is pretty cool as well. If I had anything to say about the Perryville Senior High School, it would be that it is a pretty cool school. If this description of this school is starting to sound a little bit repetitive, then you can probably guess that what I would say next about it, would be something about it being pretty cool. If the reader enjoyed this review of the school, then they too, are probably pretty cool.
Perryville Senior High School provides a comfortable learning environment. Teachers and staff are friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. If you have questions, they are willing to help. Many have gone out of the way to assist me when I have needed it. Courses that are offered help prepare you for whatever career path you choose. There is a wide range of course options available to accommodate everyone's interests.
I enjoyed the small home town experience where everybody knew each other. The teachers were always accommodating to each and every student. If I were to change anything about the school, I would want to give the teachers more resources in the classroom. (Updated Textbooks, Laptops,ets...)
The workload provided depends on the classes you sign up for. If you only take the basic required classes the workload is little to none. There is dual credit classes offered that obviously include a larger work load. Our school also weights our classes which will help you determine a general idea of the difficulty level before you sign up for the class.
Our school is not extremely ethnically diverse,but we are very socially diverse. For the most part our school is accepting, but sometimes when it comes to sexuality or other things if students feel it's just an attention seeker students can be a bit annoyed and judgmental.
I discussed our every student joins a club policy in other section so I won't explain that all again, but I will list some clubs and extracurricular activities available. As far as sports we have a Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Track and Field, Cross Country (Back starting this year), Cheer leading,Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, and Golf team. Our boys soccer team has gone to state the past 2 years; placing first in 2014 and second in 2015. This is something the team, our school, and our town is very proud of. There's even a sign underneath all the city limit signs. Clubs of the Musical nature offered are; Jazz Band, Marching Band, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Women's Choir, and Men's Choir. Other clubs include: Drama, Spanish, Best Buddies (Where students become buddies with students of special needs.), Anime, Bring a Book, Dance Workout, Homework Help, FCCLA, FFA, Friends of Education, FBLA, DECA, STUCO, and Running Club.
In my opinion, school is what you make it. If you go about it saying it sucks or that the teachers suck and blame everything thing on other people then you probably won't succeed. As long as you try in school, put forward the effort, and use resources available there are great chances you will do well. My high school has implemented a new thing starting last year where every student has to be a member of a club. There has also been many new clubs added to fit the interests of every student. I think this is a really great idea and should help students be more involved and make new friends who share their interests. Some clubs have really sky rocketed such as Gaming Club and Anime Club. Though neither of these are interests I have it's great to see others find their place! The downfall to this idea is that this year students were put in to clubs for the "club day" so that one club doesn't get too large. I feel this could enable kids to get into the club they finally fit in to. Also, Gaming Club was taken away and I know there were many students strongly upset about this. Another thing new to our school this year is the BYOD policy. I think is a great policy allowing technology to be used more in class despite the constant non-working laptops and lack of laptops at our school.
For the past few years my school has constantly been changing teachers. Many are fired or "let go" and others quit because they disagree with the way the school is being ran. With that being said, some really good teachers are no longer in the district and with the constant openings some less experienced teachers have been hired. There are also many teachers who go above and beyond what they should be doing and are very helpful to my academic career.
The doors aren't always locked during school hours. Also, there needs to be more random drug searches and contraband sweeps.
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Not very many students were active in the National Honor Society. Also, students tended to slack off in most clubs and organizations. No one ever really accomplished anything.
My favorite experiences were almost all in marching band. I enjoyed the Thursday night rehearsals we had. I liked learning to play music and setting drills. If I could do my entire high school experience over again, though, I would choose to go to a different high school. Perryville Senior High School had a lot of favoritism going on in class between teachers and pupils. Some more talented students were not allowed to enhance learning of music because teachers would show favoritism and give a select group of other students chances to excel instead. Also, the learning material did not create any challenges for me. There was one time during a math test when I asked the teacher to clarify a question for me because it was worded strangely. The teacher did so, and I went back to my seat. I was taking unusually long on this test and was the last one in the room. I went to the teacher's desk to ask a question once more. This time, my teacher had grown aggravated and simply gave me the last two answers. Normally, students would rejoice at this. I, however, was infuriated for not being able to figure out the questions myself. The way the teacher had acted towards me made me feel belittled. I do not think it is right for teachers to do that, especially not during a test.
What I learned in high school hardly prepared me for college. The schoolwork at the high school was too light and easy. They do not challenge students as they should.
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