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I like that my teachers always pushed me to do good in school and they always made sure I understood what we were doing in class before they moved on to something different.
Maybe More activities involving students. More field trips. Senior year and the classes that i am taking which is Honors college writing and Honors English 12 is really preparing me for college. if it wasn't for Honors College Writing here i would've been behind on everything.
Perryville High School has prepared me for all of my future endeavors. I am prepared for college and for the real world. However, I wish the food and the restrooms were better.
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I wish Perryville High School would show more teacher-appreciation. One of the music teachers here was nominated for Cecil County Teacher of the Year, and no one regarded the nomination. With teachers like the ones we have here, that kind of award doesn't happen every day.
Even though the teachers have rocky relationships with each other and administration, the students at Perryville never cease to amaze me. We still stand as the most diverse school in the county. For the most part "bullying" and "cliques" aren't at all common, allowing each student to reach their full potential as a high school student focused on their education and not on who might pick on them that day.
The four years at Perryville High School have been nice, I learned a lot and now that I am nearing the end of my senior year, I am ready to graduate because I feel I have all the skills I need to be successful in my career, and in college. Perryville has been a good school, it needs some improvement regarding conditions, but once again the experience has been pretty good.
I began attending Perryville High my Sophmore year. It was rough, for one I was used to attending a more diverse school. It was difficult to fit in, and at times I felt my lonely. For the first year that I was here, I would sit alone with my brother at lunch because I felt like we were un-noticed. My entire life we had been moving from school to school, and it was much difficult to fit in here. Junior year I became more social and finally began to feel comfortable. Spanish class helped me connect with my roots and with kids that shared the same interest in me. Becoming a member in the Spanish Honor Society allowed me to feel as if I was part of something important outside of school, and like I was helping my community. One thing I disliked from this school is the food, I've lived in numerous states and without a doubt this school has the worst food, but it does have a great kitchen staff, always beyond friendly.
My experience with Perryville High School has been very neutral. I go to school and do everyday work and just go through what I need to do. The school is a very good place to receive the education I require to make it to college and create a successful life for myself.
The teachers are average and most do not care to actually teach and give the students knowledge. It is a small school and needs to be renovated.
It's a good school if you try to learn. However the education is geared towards helping those who do not care about school. instead of those who do. The teacher are great, but they can only do so much.
Overall a wonderful experience in high school for me. I really like the teachers they help a lot, best of all for me in the XC/T&F program. A change I would like to see is more from student participation in school sports and clubs.
I like that the school has a wide range of variety as of what classes are available according to you career path. I dislike though that the school is very old and there are some poor teachers. The school should be remodeled and moor diverse.
Perryville High School is a very poor school. The building is old. The water is milky. There are not many "good" teachers. The principal is amazing. The sports suck. No money is brough into our school. It makes me wonder where the money from the casino went.
A decent majority of the teachers are ver good at what they teach to the students, but depending on the students, they can make it a bit challenging for the teacher.
Perryville is a school that is very focused on providing students with the education and classes that they need to fulfill their capabilities. The school is very open to PLTW (Project Lead the Way) Programs, and the Biomed and Engineering programs are both well funded and staffed. We have a variety of AP classes which are heavily encouraged, and often times, guidance counselors will arrange the schedule to ensure that well performing students are placed in the favored classes. For upcoming freshmen, the Freshmen Academy is available to ease the way into high school. This involves a specialized schedule designed to ensure these students see their teachers everyday as well as sources for guidance and aid. However, students are not required to take this program if they are Honors students. Finally, there are a lot of very enthusiastic teachers who care a lot for their subject and students.
Freshman year was good and exciting, and I felt I was well-prepared entering high school. As the years went on, it felt as if the material was less interesting and the teachers didn't seem to be available for help. We didn't have textbooks in math classes (geometry, algebra, algebra 2) because Core Curriculum had begun to be taught. Not having textbooks made homework and studying difficult.
I had a overall good experience at Perryville High School. There is flexible options in the topics of classes you can take, and different ways to explore/learn. The bathrooms do need to be remodeled because they have locks that do not work and faucets that are underpowered/ overpowered. The teachers are very kind and helpful, as well as the guidance counselors. I believe the school needs work on the behavior of the students. Many students take advantage of technology and their word choices.
For Cecil County, PHS is probably the best public school when it comes to the arts. Aside from that, the education is not necessarily the best and funding for basically everything is very low, making opportunities you could get at a bigger school harder to come by.
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Perryville High School is a great school. The teachers are welcoming and there is something for everyone. It is a very diverse school with so many different students, teachers and administrators.
Perryville is a really great school in such a small town. We have about 700 students, give or take. There are at least 15 AP classes to choose from, and there's opportunities to dual-enroll in Cecil Community College or the Cecil County School of Technology, depending on your career choice. There are four superb guidance counselors, one for each grade level. There are a variety of clubs and sports to fit almost every interest.
Perryville High school is my 4th high school, and definitley one of my favorites. The teachers actually try, and do what they can to to help the students achieve greatness, and the administration is very involved in the students' lives.
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