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Perryville High School Reviews

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I like the opportunity to get a scholarship for sharing my opinion. I like my high school at Perryville, AR because it is small enough that everyone knows each other. If I could change anything it would be that updates be made to the buildings because some of the original rooms are still in place and they have been there since 1960. Overall I love my school.
Academics seem to be good.
I feel that most of the clubs and organizations I have been involved in due minimum.
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For the most part I have had some good experiences lasting relationships with some teachers. However, some teachers fall into the politics of favoritism and having parental relationships.
The school was wonderful during the elementary years; however, once we reached high school things drastically changed. It shortly became evident that what applies for one does not apply for the other. It seems as though parents are given too much power and control at times. As years passed, it seemed as though what mattered was who your parents are. Don't get me wrong, I truly had some really great teachers. Also had some teachers that were caught up in drama and favoritism. I have always loved school and was excited about the next year's arrival. However, my junior and senior years started to lose my love and excitement about school. I just grew tired of all the competitiveness. I started school at Perryville and finished my high school education with Perryville.
this school is great the teachers really care but the students are Stupid!
Perryville Is a Great School to attend
It not so bad if you like Arkansas. My biggest issue was how closed minded people are.
The nurse is insane. The kids dip, smoke, curse, and drink all the time.
Leaves me hungry throughout the day- either it's too gross to eat, or just not filling.
Nobody's really that helpful or available.
I'm not really a sporty person, so you're asking the wrong person for judgment.
While there are some great teachers (enthusiastic, really love their job), there also the opposite.
The clubs at Perryville High School are nice, but could use better funding.
The helpfulness of the school staff is very poor. Our principle has done a few helpful things for our school, but a lot of "strict" rules have gone unnoticed for a handful of students. The senior counselor is not very helpful. In my opinion, she is very unaware of certain colleges. As a senior, I need all the help I can get with information on scholarships and college information. She is not at school or in her office half the time I need her and neither are the principles.

The dress code is only enforced on some students. Students get away with wearing too short of shorts or dresses and others will get detention or in school suspension.

If a teacher did not see the bullying or harassment going on, there will not be steps taken to get rid of the problem.
Our cafeteria has unflavored processed foods that taste worst than they look. They think a side of pickle spears is considered a vegetable. I bring my lunch everyday.
we have one armed cop on campus at all times, however the school nurse is absolutely terrible i sprinted to her office once because a kid had passed out and hit the concrete, she decided to take a leisurely stroll down there while takeing time to stop and talk to other teachers.
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there are several exceptions to this but for the most part its great.
soft gets most of the money from all the other sports funds.
the clubs and organizations of my school are good depending on if the principle likes them or not.
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