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Perryton High School is a great school for all. The teachers are always willing to go the extra mile for their students. There are plenty of extracurricular activities for students to be involved in. Just when one may think they do not fit in, there is always a teacher/student-led organization that will come along to make you feel like yourself.
Perryton was my third high school to attend since my sophomore year. I wasn't exactly welcomed at my previous two schools. However, in Perryton, I found that I had a much better attitude when I went to school everyday and I looked forward to completing my classes.
Perryton is an average small town hughschool. No diversity, over privileged kids always got the upper hand in everything. Teachers and faculty never heard or saw anything when it came to bullying no matter what happened.
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The schools aren't the best. The have gone way down from when my mom went there. The counsoler isn't all that either, she doesn't help you in anyway to get towards that college degree, much less help you find and get scholarship ready.
The teachers at PHS truly care for the success of their students and help lead and guide them to greatness!
Due to the small size, there isn't a great variety of extracurricular activities.
Being a small town school offers a great experience because it offers the attention needed by the students and creates a more friendly environment.
The teachers are great! They have the best teaching techniques and are always available to help. They don't only teach the subject but also great life lessons.
Perryton is a small town, and I rarely feel unsafe because it's such a sweet quiet town. Drugs and alcohol are very much a part of this community and I do believe the school should continue the random drug dog sweep. Athough drugs and alcohol are still being in used, this school is great at trying to prevent it. I also never felt threaten by anyone at this school due to their beliefs.
I entered FCCLA my junior (which is a decision that I'm proud of), and I learned how to become a great leader. Before I was an anti social girl, with no mindset of make the community a better place. Fccla has improved my communation skills, and many other skills that I've obtain. I now am the vice president of community service, and I'm addicted to the feeling of knowing I've helped someone.
The school is genuinely not the best at caring for the students.
The only thing that is funded is the football team.
Parents either are not involved or are always trying to convince teachers their child deserves a better grade.
The teachers only care for students that look like they might succeed in the future.
Living in a small community brings many students and their families close together. After some of my games I would have parents of other teammates compliment and talk to me. As teammates we were together 5-6 days a week and created a close bond. The parents also had high goals for their children, including mine. We had strong, supporting parents who had high expectations on and off the court. If there was a student without a support system, other parents happily filled the gap. I had a great experience with my teammates, their families, and coaches.
It's a nice school where I have had the best and worst experiences with the teachers and students. I have had a handful of teachers that were the most devoted and loving to their students who truly cared for them in and out of the classroom, but I've also had teachers that made me question their choice of teaching as a career. Overall I enjoyed my high school education and thank the handful of hard working teachers that I strive to become, to do the best of my ability.
There is not much clubs or after-school activities. There is only art club, Spanish club, theater, band and choir, and they are pretty exclusive. If you do not have one of those classes as an alternative class on your schedule you do not know anything about the clubs. It is difficult for students to find a club or organization to be in because there are no signs of them anywhere in the school unless you really look for them.
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I personally do not like this school, but it is good in some ways. Most teachers will help any students in any way that they can. The school in general focus more on athletes and athletic events. They do not care much about other extracurricular activities. Their is not many clubs and the few that there is are very exclusive. I would not choose this school again because I would like to attend a school where everyone has something to fit in, not just athletics or drama club.
All the teachers I have had were great. They would help me with anything i needed and try to make things as easy as possible. Their teaching styles are very easy to understand and if we have trouble to understand them, the teachers try to look for an alternative. Most of the teachers are good with posting grades and keeping us posted on upcoming due dates, but some teachers fail to do those things. Most of the teachers I have had are very knowledgeable but I have heard of teachers who do not have a clue on what they are doing.
There are many different activities that a student could do. The activities are fun and you get to work with different people and meet new people at competitions or trips.
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