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I moved to Perrysburg High School from a small school called Evergreen High School. My old school had as many students in the entire school that I now have alone in my grade! I had heard so much about Perrysburg being a snobby, rich school and I was nervous because I am not like that at all. But, when I moved here, I quickly realized that this was indeed not the case at all. The teachers and staff made me feel so comfortable and welcomed into such a large school. I met so many different kinds of people and have made such good relationships and friendships that I never would have made out in that little high school. I am forever grateful for Perrysburg (the city and the high school).
My school is very fortunate, in that they are able to offer many opportunities for their students inside and outside of school. I'm a senior this year, and over the course of my high school life, I have been offered opportunities in volunteering, theatre, sports, and exceptional classes. If there was one thing I could change about my school, I would most likely bring our french-fry Fridays back. Other than that, I've been a happy camper.
I really liked all of the teachers and the wide variety of classes that were available to take. I did not like all of the security enforcements that were made but I understand that they were necessary. I believe that the school start times should be arranged differently. Most kids work after school and would like to be able to get to their job right away and not get cut hours because of when their school starts/finishes.
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When I first entered the school on my first day, I was definitely.... well, I'll be honest, — I was a nervous wreck. Moving from all the way in Boston, MA, I was already very unused to the climate and overall environment of Perrysburg. But the day I walked into this school really changed my opinion - not just about the school - but also Perrysburg as a whole. I saw the teachers and how their faces shined brighter than the moon; their limbs forsaking their own self-pleasures in order to give us comfort and truly give us the experience of the Jacket Way. The school may lack diversity, but that did not affect the mentalities and attitudes of the students there. And I think we owe it to the faculty and teachers.
A good thing is that the teachers care about their students and want to see them succeed. What I wish would change is the lunch times, I had the last lunch of the day which means that I got to eat lunch at 2:00. I think that it was a bit unreasonable, and I have to basically starve myself every day because I don't bring snacks to school.
The things I like the most about Perrysburg High School are the classes they offer for students, including College Credit Plus classes. Compared to my first High School I had attended, California High School, they did not offer school-paid college courses that students can take within the school year or in the summer. Besides academics, I think Perrysburg should improve their craftsmanship of events for students. Perrysburg rarely throws rallies for the students and when they do it is around homecoming or prom. Our school should put in more funding into the student budget and the class council should put more effort into throwing fun events like Lip Sync Battles, Night Rallies, and Battle of the sexes! They should not only be focused on student academics, but also that they are making the best of their teenage years at PHS to hopefully encourage other upcoming freshmen about their amazing experience!
All around, it’s a great school. We were a Blue Ribbon school before. We have like 12-13 AP Classes and quite a few Honors. The administration office could use some improvements though. The teachers and factuality were great. Great school overall.
Perrysburg Schools has a lot of great classes to help with any career that you may want to do. There is an amazing theatre and music department. The guidence counclers seem to never be in the building or free when you need them but they try and call you down as soon as they get avaliable.
I love my school :-)
I'm involved in both varsity sports and the theater program, and I feel accepted and needed in both of those places. I've had a great experience with mostly all of my teachers, and will be so sad to have to leave them next year.
Some teenagers talk about how they hate high school, and I feel blessed to be able to say that that's not me. I love my school, our spirit, our teams, our clubs, our teachers, our students, our faculty... I've had an amazing experience at Perrysburg High School :-)
We moved to Perrysburg sixteen years ago specifically so that our kids could attend Perrysburg Schools. The district has an excellent reputation. We have experienced exactly that. While no school district is perfect, we have been extremely pleased with our decision. Our children have both been very involved with the music programs here, one in band and one in orchestra. Both have been excellent, providing opportunities for enrichment and travel. In addition, the school district provides numerous academic opportunities. Our oldest, who is a senior, has taken several honors, college credit plus and AP classes during her time at the high school.
Perrysburg High School has been everything I could dream of and more for my High School experience. I have been provided with all the tools necessary to launch myself into a successful future. With wonderful educators and a positive environment, its hard not to love going to school. I have learned life lessons and skills that will benefit me in everything I do going forward. The classes offered are challenging yet rewarding and you never feel alone. There is always someone there to help and guide you in whatever direction you desire. Because of the endless support I have received from the Perrysburg staff and my fellow students, I have watched myself grow as not only a student but as an individual. I could not have reached my full potential if I had not gone to Perrysburg High School, and I truly believe that when you leave you will feel the exact same.
Many opportunities at this school for kids to follow any of their interests. Also very invested and interactive staff.
I loved everything about the school, I strongly believe it has prepared me for college, and I would never change anything about this school.
PHS is a great place to go to school! I moved in at the beginning of junior year and was worried how it would go but the school is so welcoming and the students are so nice. PHS does offer some rather challenging classes but prepares you for the way college works.
Perrysburg High School gets students well prepared for college.
The teachers at Perrysburg High School sincerely care about the students.
The music program at Perrysburg High School is awesome. Go Marching Yellow Jackets!
Perrysburg High School is a great environment! The teachers are amazing both in their style of teaching and investment in the students lives. The academic opportunities it offers are endless.
My experience at Perrysburg High School for this first semester has been very nice. There is nice staff and friendly students to show me where I need to go. In addition, the teachers are high quality and they respect each other.
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My experience at Perrysburg High School has been filled with positives and negatives. Perrysburg High School is a national blue ribbon school that excels at both sports and academics. The only concern I have is that I feel like Perrysburg is lacking in some clubs and maybe some classes that other schools in the area offer. For example, a Science Olympiad team...etc.
There unlimited opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. It has prepared me for the college and the real world! Great teachers and wonderful atmosphere!
PHS is a very good school. It has a lot of great teachers (mixed in with some not-so-great teachers, as with any school), and a lot of opportunities for education, extracurriculars, etc. I do not see much bullying in my school day, and the school actively works to ensure its students are safe. It's a fairly safe community, and my biggest complaint would be the lack of diversity. The students have a lot of school spirit, and it's overall a positive community.
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