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Perrydale is a very small school. I really likednit though because you and your class are a family. Being so small the student teacher interaction is amazing because tou can really get that one in one time you need. Although i wish the college readiness was better by writing more and longer papers and editing them.
The school provides Breakfast and lunch's and an after school snack shack in the middle school.

Breakfasts are healthy with fruit and protein available.

Lunches are okay with a salad bar and sandwich station.

After school snack station has pop, water, chips, cookies...etc.

The cafeteria is in the old gym which is also a auditorium since it includes a stage and bleachers.
The school has no nurse only a bed to lay in in the office if your sick or you go home.

Their are bully reports, some get taken seriously especially if it is a younger grade. If in high school then it's dealt with along with the principals judgement of them and then they gossip with other teachers about it.

Their are door locks on all the doors and security cameras inside the three buildings.

Their are no health programs or any mention of health or contraception or anything of the sort unless you take a health class and is assigned as homework. As for resources, their are band aids in the office and a phone to call home or 911 if needed.

The school is safe but it's possible for anything to happen if something goes unnoticed.
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The teachers here are okay.

English: She is a great teacher for this subject and sticks to the topic at hand and really gets into the work with is good.

Mathematics: Since I have graduated they have changed the math teacher so I cannot answer this.

Science: Good teachings and knowledge.

Economics: Easy to squeeze by, learn some interesting facts, mainly if the teacher is in a bad mood you will know cause you can hear her from the next room by her yelling.

Spanish: Didn't take the class.

Art: Good teaching with multiple diversities on ways to create art. For 2 weeks, a college art student comes in to teach the classroom ways to make art.
After graduation I learned that this school has not made a big impact on the outside world only that you have to work on tolerating certain people to get to where you want to be or get somewhere. I have thought about going to military but unsure on if I will take it on. Living in the middle of no where being surrounded by fields with little to no transportation does not effectively help me find a job or near college so I will be attending college in a month along with finding an apartment and job on my own all in one leap. No one at the school provides you with much but emphasizes on getting your FASFA done early.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are poor. In general it consists of sports (e.g. track, basketball, football, softball.), and the FFA (Future-Farmers-of-America). Perrydale High School has a lot of school spirit for the sports and if your not in sports your not noticed. FFA is well funded and almost everybody supports it or is involved and annually goes to the National Convention every year.
My school is actually pretty good about everything but all the teachers are so politically correct and thats annoying.
We have a small school, so everyone plays sports just so we can have enough people on a team. If everyone in my class was gone for their specific sport, 2 people would be left in the classroom. Because of this, and the fact that the school is farther away for some than others, not many students attend the games. They are either playing in them or at practice for another sport.

Our facilities are nice. We have 2 gyms, one that serves as our cafeteria and the other serves as the PE classroom. Our weight room is pretty small, but there are 3 stations for each lift-bench, incline, cleans, squats, and pulldowns. The weight room is open from 7-7 for anyone that wants to train after/before school.
Its mostly just sports at our school, but a big group of people play sports at our school.
I am not sure really. I always bring my own lunch from home because I like to eat healthy.
I have not graduated yet, but I plan on doing big things, but i feel i have to take a lot of it in my own hands to get there where I want.
We have pretty nice stuff at our school. We keep everything up dated and everything looks nice.
Its been very fun between sports and friends, but last year all my friends graduated and I am still in school and its a really boring senior year.
Our school is pretty strict.
Its okay, we don't really have much of health people around here. We try to do the best we can but thats about it.
We just have our normal courses that we need and that all they have to offer us. But I go to a small school with 95 kids in my whole high school.
We have a great sports program with fans that come and support every. Event the school partakes in. We have great school spirit as well and many students show up to games to cheer on the teams. Everyone has a chance to make the team which is great as well. We have great pe classes that get everyone involved because of the activities that we can partake in.
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they have a lot on their plate but still handle it with such charisma.
great! this school is amazing! We could not be better. The teachers are nice and understanding. The criteria is higher then high school classes usually are. Teaching us at a higher level insures that we will be ready for what ever comes our way.
The teachers here at Perrydale are so amazing. They make this school great!
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