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Perry Traditional Academy High School Reviews

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Perry Traditional Academy was very welcoming to me and all my siblings. There were many opportunities to try out different sports and extracurricular activities while still maintaining a high GPA.
Its actually a pretty sucky school. The people there are unfocused and extremely disrespectful towards teachers and other students. The work is not challenging at all and there is a total disconnect between the students and the learning.
The teachers are not able to teach because they can't keep their student under control. The students act crazy in the hallways. There is no school work handed out. The students do not learn.
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They are very serious about the safety in the school. Security guards on every floor. There are metal detectors when we come into the building and they check all bags and pockets of each student.
There are a good amount of clubs you can join/ The commitment to these clubs would be based on the individual. Some clubs do a little more than others, but that would be based off the support of others in the school. Footbal, basketball, dance, drill and cheer-leading would be the most popular groups.
Perry was good with I was involved in groups that monitored my gpa and because I enjoyed them so much I did not let my grades fall. I enjoyed all of the 3 years I attended. I made friends that even though we are not all away at college together I still consider best friends and talk to often. I loved the football games and the way the school would be so excited on game days.
A lot of the staff really care about the students from the principal to the security guards. Its nice to know that people are not just worried about just getting paid they actually care about the students. Some of the teachers and staff in Perry have had a huge positive impact on my life and they have influenced my current major in college
The school was a "fight or be fought" type of school. Constant police presence, constant drug searches. Although that was the down side, there are some really nice and respectful people there. As well as the normal everyday people who just want to get out of the bilingual.
Some teachers are overpowered by the students, and it makes for a very harsh learning environment.
It's just a typical high school. Fond your niche and you'll be fine
This school is very modern. I love it. And they make sure you can get to and from school.
I loved this school because everybody was always helpful and I learned a lot.
Not good for future college students.
They can use better equipment and coaching.
I have learned very few things from being here.
Theres nothing really available for students.
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This is not a good high school to attend.
The teachers were probably what I liked best about this school, the teachers who expressed concern for their students and futures. If I had a chance to do it all over again, I might return to this school, as the schools in my area ranked below this one, but I do think I would only go there again because it would be the most promising.
After my time at Perry Traditional Academy, I feel that there could have been more improvements for the students as they prepared for their college education. Students were not given many possibilities to truly learn; there were many incidents where school was just a "hang out" type of place, a place to go because the students had to. They press the importance of college, but do little in assistance and making sure all students have a chance.
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