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Perry Street Prep Public Charter School Reviews

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This school had a good support system but overall you had to teach yourself. Teachers were understanding and help me with a new transition to a new school.
My experience attending Perry Street Prep. was the best experience all around. I was apart of the last high school class to graduate from Perry Street. I loved how being there was like being apart of one big family, everyone looks out for you and does everything to help you succeed. What I would like to see change is the the board bringing back the high school.
We had security and cameras everywhere in the building
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I really don't know much about it but I heard some good comments
Since going to this school I got into a few things I never heard of like rugby
My School was't the best but it was good enough
We had different clubs to be in on most Thursday's.
The health and safety policies is bad because most of the time the nurse wouldn't be there, food was uncooked most of the time, and they somewhat didn't tollerate bullying.
My overall experience at this school was crazy but it ended very well and i earned a 3.4 and graduated.
Most of the teachers at this school were willing to help us. Most of them were nice people some were not. Overall they were their when you need extra help after school.
At my school I always feel safe.There is never a day I felt unsafe.
The administration works hard to make sure every student is following the rules of the school at all times.
After school I attend Rugby practice and/or I work with the REACH program.
The teachers really help the students understand the material
Its ok the structure of the building was poor but then they build a new school
It's ok, we did have a staph virus outbreak once
It was ok, I don't know why we had a uniform requirement but it didn't stop students from learning
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The school did kinda prepared the students for college but not enough support to every student
It was great because I got to exercise and get to know different people in my school
Oh yeah there was a lot to do after school if you were a part of something and its quite east to become part of something. Basketball, football, rugby, cheerleader, and some other options were available.
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