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Before Perry I was that quiet girl you see sitting alone at a table during lunch. And yes I still sit alone. However I have many more friends than I ever did at Letchworth. I’m not that shy, quiet little girl I was before. Perry has changed me for the better. Now I have friends, I’m getting better grades, and I’m involved in more things like select Chorus and NTHS. The teachers at Perry are so kind and helpful towards the students. I have had a lot of fun here at Perry and will be sad to leave for college but I know I have to let go and move on.
Perry High School was a great part of my childhood in my opinion. The best part of Perry school is the faculty and teachers. Everyone is very supportive and helpful whenever it is needed. There is a small number of kids so it is easy to participate in school activities and classes.
Being apart of a small town is exciting. As classmates we all became super close over the years and we've made friends that will last a lifetime. Growing up in a small school you really get to know everyone and everyone sticks together. I've had many opportunities to take college classes and be involved in programs to help me decide my future. After I leave Perry High, I hope to see community involvement still happen and for sporting events to still be fun. However, I hope to see more advertisement of clubs such as SADD, and FBLA. I'd also like to see better food choices and see kids actually enjoy being apart of PCS.
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Teachers at Perry involve students in their classroom a lot. Students at Perry know that they can go to their teacher if they have a problem with something in their class. Students know that they can trust their teachers with their academic problems.
I always feel safe and secure at my school. I never am worried that something is going to happen, or getting hurt.
After a long of school, its always nice to end the day with a club. Anyone is welcome to join the clubs/ sports and its a great time.
I know everyone in the school. Its nice to have a bond with every single person in the school.
Always are looking to improve teaching for students.
The bullying, personal safety, security measures, police and safety services, school nurse, health programs and general comments are all very accurate of on how safe our school is!
The clubs are okay at school, but there are a lot of clubs for people that are interested!
I love Perry and I have had some great memories at school! Their are lot's of great teachers and everyone is very nice and approachable.
The teachers at school are great and they are always there for help!
For the most part our policies are standard expect there is not any senior privileges however we can use our phones in teachers classrooms if they are okay with it and in the lunch room which is a good policy
the food is given by the government and is gross. we are suppose to have healthy lunches now and the food isn't healthy it all frozen and put into the oven or a warmer.
i dont really have close friends. most of my friends are older the school population is too small and having the right last name is how things are done.
Every one cares about making you successful however there is not any senior privileges, and there are not four english teachers. we have a good opportunity to do a varsity sport which will count as gym class.
The food at Perry is less than impressive. Undercooked pizza is provided every day. Most students don't eat an actual meal but purchase ice cream just or something to eat to get them through the day. There are very few healthy options and the fruits and vegetables that they offer are frequently old and near rotting.
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At Perry High School you have your typical high school classes as well as a smattering of other electives. Each grade has an English and History class. For sciences they have 7 different options that are available as you progress through your schooling. There are also 5 different math classes available throughout a student's school career. We also have a handful of technology and art classes that change yearly depending on budget and scheduling. Band, jazz band, chorus and select chorus are also offered to students with time in their schedule.
There are a range of cliques here, but the sports teams and clubs are not for specific cliques. Anyone from any clique can be on a team or join a club and you'll feel welcomed and accepted.
There is some favoritism from teachers and administrators toward star athletes, but overall if there really is a problem it gets taken care of.
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