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Perry Middle School Reviews

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Very strict on things like dress code. Especially for boys. And extremely strict on Cell phones as well. Sometimes this could be a hard adjustment.
Was a good school and I enjoyed it. There are always things I would change, but I think Perry Middle really helped me grow.
For a Middle school its definitely nothing to complain about!
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The kids really love it but that's not what we are known for. We just emphasize doing your best, having fun, and making friends.
Best teachers I have ever had are present at this school. The kids all love them and everyone gets along really well.
Its not extremely diverse, however it is an environment where anyone can feel welcome. No matter where they are from.
We have very great clubs and activities for all types of people of varied ages. The faculty is very helpful and always succeeds at encouraging and motivating kids while preparing them for success. Clubs are a very good way to feel involved and important within the school.
They were good at promoting fairness and equality to everyone. People respected each other and there was almost always good unity between students and staff. It was a safe and healthy place to be.
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